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Local businesses and local business people are part of the community and we're keen to support them, but at the same time we wish to remain free to take a disinterested stance on issues that affect the local business community. Nor do we want our website to be dominated by advertising or our forums to include posts which are in effect advertising a particular business.

The Palmers Green Community website is entirely volunteer run, but we do have some not particularly large annual financial overheads. For the first year these costs are being covered by sponsorship money from a local business. We are happy for local business owners and employees to become Members and contribute to forum discussions, but they must do so as individuals, and they must not use the forums to promote purely commercial activities, either explicitly or implicitly. This does not mean that they cannot comment on local issues which affect their business along with other businesses (for instance parking restrictions), providing that they clearly declare a commercial interest. We will also be happy to post details of commercially run events (eg concerts or theatrical performances), providing that there is a clear community benefit. Decisions on the acceptability of forum posts or event listings rest entirely with the website management.

Policy on Use of the Website by Businesses

In the following paragraphs the term “business” refers to companies or sole traders that operate entirely or mainly to make profits; it includes persons operating home-based businesses, eg as teachers or tutors. On the other hand, for our purposes voluntary not-for-profit organisations including residents' groups, charitable groups, local history groups etc are not classed as businesses even if they charge for activities.

Directory Listings

Businesses may request to be listed in one of the Website’s directories. Normally this would be the Business Directory and the listing would comprise only  their basic details: name and type of business, address, phone number, website address. However, if the Website Management is satisfied that the business fulfils a clear community enhancing function, they may agree to list it in the Community Directory, which may include more information. In all cases decisions about whether and where to list businesses rest entirely with the Website Management.

Membership of Palmers Green Community

Only individual persons will be permitted to join Palmers Green Community, log onto the website, post to forums, post comments or upload photos or videos. Members may not use the website, listings pages or forums to promote a business of which they are an owner or employee. 

However, individual owners or employees of businesses may legitimately contribute to discussion of issues being raised on the website or themselves raise issues which they believe to be of broad concern to the community, providing that they clearly indicate that they have a financial interest and that they do not try to disguise advertising as comment. They will also be permitted to respond to any criticism of their business that has appeared on the Website, providing that their comments stay within what is reasonable in the context. As always, the Website Management reserves the right to moderate comments.