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Enfield People's Theatre presents Bread and Roses by Lynda Brennan

Friday 22 September 2023 until Sunday 24 September 2023

Fore Street Library (Living Room Library), 109 - 111 Fore St N18 2XF

202309 bread and roses flyer

Enfield People's Theatre presents Bread and Roses, the untold story of the 1915 Edmonton Rent Strike.

Written by Lynda Brennan, directed by Shirley Mason

In partnership with Everybody Loves Music

Part of the Untold Edmonton project managed by Enfield Council with funding from the Lottery Heritage Fund

EPT is proud to be in partnership with Everyone Loves Music - a local charity which works through music with young vulnerable people. The young people perform their own songs as part of the show. Bread and Roses is a community play written by Lynda Brennan and Directed by Shirley Mason.

The play is on at Fore Street Library on Friday 22nd Sat 23rd at 7,00 and Sunday 23rd at 2.30. Tickets are free (and include a glass of wine) but please book as seats are limited. You can book at the library itself or on Eventbrite (search Bread and Roses). The play has extensively drawn on workshops and discussions with the wider community. 

The 1915 Edmonton rent strike involved over a thousand families refusing to pay the rent. In the First World war people flocked to work in munition factories where workers were paid higher wages than the norm. Unscrupulous landlords doubled the rents and evictions rose rapidly. Enough was enough especially when the families of men fighting at the front were evicted. The strikes were led by women but supported by the men in the trades union movement. They started in Glasgow led by the indomitable Mary Barbour but quickly spread across the country and in October 1915 came to Edmonton. Women defended  their homes using any means at their disposal - they threw wet washing, made barricades out of prams and dustbin lids and refused to let anyone paying the high rents into the property. Thousands were out on the streets. Our play juxtaposes this story with the very real stories and songs of homelessness and hardship in 2023. 

The question is can we learn from our sisters in 1915?  Has anything actually changed? And how should we fight not only for bread but for roses too.?  We tell the stories through popular theatre and songs. We invite you to come along to Enfield People's Theatre  community event, enjoy a glass of wine, join in the singing and be inspired.  Doors open at 7.00 on Friday 22nd Sept and  Saturday 23rd Sept and 2.30 on Sunday 24th at ForeStreet Library.. Only doing three performances so don't miss it.

Book your free seat online

Dates and times

Friday 22 September 7.30pm
Saturday 23 September 7.30pm
Sunday 24 September 3.00pm

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