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This event was in the past. For current and future events visit our What's On Page.

Presentation on artificial intelligence (AI)

Tuesday 7 May 10.30am

Brookwater House Care Home, 1A Oakthorpe Rd N13 5HY

A free presentation on artificial intelligence by Shev Gul and Val Girling of Palmers Green & Southgate u3a (visitors welcome)

202405 artificial intelligence lecture enhancedMind map illustrating multiple aspects of artificial intelligence - copyright Shev Gul 2024 (click on the image to download a larger version in PDF format)

Topics covered:

  • The history of AI
  • The application areas
  • What is the future of AI for humanity?
  • The key AI acronyms (what do they represent?)
  • Human brains' 100 billion neurons and the possible infinite network connections between the brain cells (neurons). And this is what the AI is based on: i.e., THE SIMULATION OF WORKING OF HUMAN BRAIN.
  • The current most popular AI systems
  • Most popular AI chips - the software
  • Most popular AI companies and their market worth (crazy figures!)
  • Current stages of AI
  • Pros and cons of AI

and more...

Visit Shev Gul’s website Mind-Body Resources

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