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pgc all green working and signpost with lettering new colour 2
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This event was in the past. For current and future events visit our What's On Page.

St Harmonica's Blues Club: Monthly Blues Jam

Sunday 7 April 7.00pm - 10.00pm

The Southgate Club, 17 Chase Side, N14 5BP (Entrance is in Crown Lane)

The House Band will kick off proceedings at 7.00pm followed by carefully assembled ensembles from the singers and players who turn up, all under the watchful eyes of Vera and Terry Duggan; the results are often magnificent.

Sign in on arrival, ideally before 7.00pm, with name and preferred instrument. We'll supply the drums, keyboard, amps, PA, and DI box for the occasional acoustic instrument. We will endeavour to swap or cover mics, if requested, but singers are welcome to bring their own.

Queensbury Jamming Rules apply:
- the singer calls the tune, decides the key, and dishes out the solos;
- players: please unpack your instrument, tune up and have everything ready before it's your turn to play;
- solos are generally 2 verses long, unless the singer decides otherwise;
- sets are 3 songs (unless we're running out of time, or your songs are 10 mins long);
- if you aren't a drummer or keyboard player, bring your own instrument. Drummers, do bring your own sticks! 

Audience members are also vital to the whole proceedings, and extremely welcome! Admission is free to all with ’the hat’ offered around for donations.

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