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Topic: Fly Tipping in PG

Fly Tipping in PG
10 Apr 2017 17:28 #2977

Chrystalla Georgiou Chrystalla Georgiou's Avatar Topic Author

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Fly Tipping is against the Law.

Yet , as a pedestrian I have notice that Fly Tipping is becoming a serious problem within Palmers Green. Given that this is a new and vile trend, particularly for our area then one can only speculate to whom the perpetrators maybe and yet in truth, it wrong to taint people with the same brush.

I have notice that public Fly Tipping consisting mainly of unwanted garments which are dumbed mainly near public bins, and the bins are noticeable empty.

How is Fly Tipping going to be stopped one wonders? Certainly, we cannot have members of Enfield Staff parading up and down our Green Lanes and other local roads within the area as vigilantes , that would be of course just nonsensical . The once local police person patrolling the area every day helping to solve and hinder problems belongs to history and despite peoples outcry for their return well, it clear that it will never ever happen, despite Britain being a wealthy country.

Maybe, CCTV Cameras can be used to stop such people who are full of malice and want to make our area look uncared and run-down.

Fly Tipping concerns does not only apply just to our public pavements of course. There are people who are under the impression that it is very acceptable for them to dispose all their unwanted items (mattresses seem to be the most popular piece of item for ) cluttering the whole premises of their front garden, which is of course a depressing sight and disrespecting to the neighbours, subsequently it has an adverse affect on the vicinity, known to have a habit of inviting a certain type of crime.

Fly Tipping certainly needs to be seriously addressed to prevent it from becoming a progressive problem and ultimately, giving each borough a bad image.

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