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As a survey is launched to gauge opinion about creating a skatepark in Broomfield Park, campaigners are continuing their crowdfunding efforts to raise money for a feasibility study.

broomfield park skatepark group members on the steps overlooking the sports fieldBroomfield Park Skatepark Group members assemble on the steps overlooking the sports field ahead of launching their crowdfunder in April 2022

Among the many people who had a great time at last Sunday's Palmers Green Festival were members of the Broomfield Park Skatepark Group. Their stall near the boating pond attracted many visitors and brought in new members. The group's volunteers at the stall were supported by GB Pro skateboarder Tom Knox, who donated skateboarding merchandise that members of the public were able to bid for.

Membership is now in excess of 100 (among them Tom Knox himself) and the group is officially recognised both by the Friends of Broomfield Park, who support the feasability study for a skatepark, and by Enfield Council.

come and speak about a skate park 4

Many visitors to Palmers Green Festival took up the offer to speak about a skatepark

The Skatepark Group's chair, Lucy Whitehead, said: "It was a fantastic day at the Palmers Green Festival. Our group members had the chance to meet so many members of the public and users of the park. To have the opportunity to chat with them about the campaign and its progress was brilliant.

"We encourage everyone to complete our public survey, which is live on Enfield Council's 'Lets Talk' platform.

"The survey runs until 5pm on 31st October. Its results will help decide if a skatepark is needed, where it would be located and what people's hopes are.

"We also want to explore how we would make the space inclusive, encouraging people who wouldn’t usually use skateparks to feel they can."

The group point out that ,as well as being enjoyable, skateboarding is excellent physical exercise which improves balance, muscle strength and co-ordination. A skatepark would provide an outlet for the community to improve both physical and mental health.

The campaign has reached the stage where the council has agreed to a feasibility study being undertaken. The study is a council requirement prior to new features being built in parks and includes consultation with those who may be affected by a new build, plus location recommendations.

While Enfield Council have already indicated, in principle, their support for the new skatepark, they don't have the funds to pay for the feasibility study. Fortunately, renowned skatepark company Betongpark, who sent a representative to help with the stall at the Festival, have offered to undertake it at a reduced community rate.

To raise money to pay for the study, the Skatepark Group set up a crowdfunding page in April 2022 on the GoFundMe website. The amount needed for Betongpark to start the feasibility study, £4000, was reached in October. However, the total sum required for the study is £7000 and the group will be reaching out to local businesses for sponsorship (though any contributions by individuals are still very welcome!).

Another company helping the campaigners is the Soho Sandwich Company, who donated sandwiches for all the stall volunteers.

Broomfield Park Skatepark Survey: Have your say about the proposals

Broomfield Park Skatepark Feasibility Study Appeal


This item was edited on 7th September to correct an error regarding the Friends of Broomfield Park's attitude to the skatepark proposal. FoBP support carrying out a feasibility study. As they have not yet fully consulted their membership, they are currently unable to confirm that they formally support the proposal to create a skatepark.

Updated survey link

The survey link above was updated on 12th October to go to the new address. The survey remains open until 31st October.

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PGC Webmaster posted a reply
12 Oct 2023 19:45

The Broomfield Park skatepark survey has been moved from the council's Let's Talk Enfield website to a Google Docs address. It remains open until 31st October.

Click here to go to the survey.