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The results of a survey of visitors to Broomfield Park confirm that it has a special place in the hearts of PG residents.

fobp visitor survey word cloud 1A word cloud derived from survey responses shows that people value the green space, the lakes and the wildlife in the park - but there are also high scores for terms including "Community", "Friendly" and "Volunteers". 

The survey was carried out by the Friends of Broomfield Park (FoBP), who this week published its findings, which show that the park is well used by Palmers Green residents - and well loved! A significant majority of survey respondents believe the park benefits their physical and mental health and for many it helps them to connect better to the wider community and the natural world. There were also many helpful suggestions for improvements and additions to the park amenities.

FoBP co-chair Finula Cilliers, said “Our survey was conducted to help determine the future priorities and activities of the Friends of Broomfield Park. It was important for us to invite park visitors and local community members to voice their opinions on what they like about the park... and what might be improved. So, we were delighted to find out how highly the park is valued as a place to engage with the natural world – but also a space to connect with neighbours and be part of a local community. It is heartwarming that the considerable volunteer effort over recent years has been recognised and appreciated.

“We also welcome the suggestions for future improvements in the park – which will support our plans for the next few years. Some will require partnerships with the London Borough of Enfield parks department, external funders and other partners. We are committed to further engagement with park users to help build longer term relationships with them and their families and encourage future volunteers.”

To read more about the survey and download the full report, click on the link below.

"New survey results will help shape the future of Broomfield Park"

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