pgc all green working and signpost with lettering new colour 2
pgc all green working and signpost with lettering new colour 2
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Following the inauguration of the window art at Southgate Library, the second location on last Saturday's "Launch Southgate" itinerary was Ashfield Parade, where two new parklets were installed last month.

new parklet in ashfield parade southgateYoung people from EYPCS participated in the design of artwork for the Ashfield Parade parklets. Here some of them are shown holding the AQA certificates awarded for their part in the project (Photo: Adrian Day)

Ashfield Parade is named after London Transport's first chairman, whose time in office saw the opening of some of the capital's most remarkable transport infrastructure, not least neighbouring Southgate tube and bus station. The parklets are intended to provide some "greening" for the street, which over the years has become dominated by parked cars.

parklet in ashfield parade southgate 2 1For the parklets project the council's Journeys & Places Team partnered with Enfield Children & Young Persons Service (ECYPS), Doodle Design and Jan Kattein Architects to involve young people from Southgate in developing ideas for the artwork.

At a two-day workshop in February, held at the Alan Pullinger Youth Centre, the young participants had an opportunity to understand and follow a rigorous process when designing a piece of public art. They learned how to respond to a brief, how to research and develop design concepts and how to use different materials and techniques to present their ideas. At the end of the two days, they handed over their work to an artist from the Matchbox Collective.

At the workshop local young people were able to share their own memories about the personal significance of nature and trees. Inspired by myths and stories of the ancient woodland of Enfield Chase, they co-created their own modern folklore of Southgate. ECYPS provided an AQA accreditation for all the young people that engaged on the project.

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Darren Edgar posted a reply
14 Mar 2024 09:09
Is this all voluntary? If not I wonder if anyone has FOI'd how much she is getting paid to be artist in residence for Enfield?