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AI is constantly in the news today - but how does it work, what does it do and what will it do in the future? There's a chance to find out more at an open event next month being put on by Palmers Green & Southgate u3a.

202405 artificial intelligence lecture enhancedMind map illustrating multiple aspects of artificial intelligence - copyright Shev Gul 2024 (click on the image to download a larger version in PDF format)

The presentation will take place at 10.30am on Tuesday 7th May at Brookwater House Care Home in Oakthorpe Road (coming from Green Lanes, the care home is on the right, just before the bridge over the New River). The speaker is local resident Shev Gul, who uses "mind maps" to help explain complicated subjects.

Topics covered:

  • The history of AI
  • The application areas
  • What is the future of AI for humanity?
  • The key AI acronyms (what do they represent?)
  • Human brains' 100 billion neurons and the possible infinite network connections between the brain cells (neurons). And this is what the AI is based on: i.e., THE SIMULATION OF WORKING OF HUMAN BRAIN.
  • The current most popular AI systems
  • Most popular AI chips - the software
  • Most popular AI companies and their market worth (crazy figures!)
  • Current stages of AI
  • Pros and cons of AI

and more...

Presentation on artificial intelligence (AI)

Tuesday 7 May 10.30am

Visit Shev Gul’s website Mind-Body Resources

Brookwater House Care Home, 1A Oakthorpe Rd N13 5HY 

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