Pinkham Way

The campaign against plans to build a large waste-processing plant on vacant land adjacent to the Pinkham Way stretch of the North Circular Road is being coordinated and led by the Pinkham Way Alliance.


The site was historically a sewage works but since being allowed to return to nature has become a much appreciated green space. When the proposal was first made public in 2011 many objections focussed on the loss of this open space (a Borough Grade 1 Site of Importance for Nature Conservation) and on related environmental factors such as the increase in traffic on the nearby North Circular and reduction in air quality for residents. Subsequently it become clear that the associated tendering process would result in seven North London boroughs (among them Enfield) becoming locked into a long term expensive contract.

Following an announcement in December 2012, the status of these proposals is currently unclear, but it appears the North London Waste Authority still wishes to build a waste facility on the site and the adjacent Borough of Barnet still wishes to develop a depot for its waste wagon fleet also on the site. The Pinkham Way Alliance is continuing its campaign, one element of which is in supporting the immediate community in their efforts for the site to be classified as a Village Green. That hearing was held in Public in early March 2013 with the Inspectors decision is expected in the summer.

For more detail see the Pinkham Way Alliance, Pinkham Way Incinerator, North London Waste Authority and North London Waste Plan websites, as well as the North London Waste Plan section of this website. 

[Text amended 21 March 2013]

The long drawn out process of finalising the North London Waste Plan is continuing. The next important stage - the examination in public by the planning inspector - is scheduled for November. Its outcome has the potential to determine whether or not a waste processing plant is built on an important nature conservation site - the woodlands adjacent to the Pinkham Way section of the North Circular Road.

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The Pinkham Way Alliance is urging people to sign online in support of its response to the draft North London Waste Plan (NLWP). Their submission calls for removal of the Pinkham Way nature conservation site (close to the Enfield/Barnet/Haringey borough boundaries) from a list of potential sites for new waste processing facilities.

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Sign a petition to protect a local nature conservation site from industrial development

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As part of their long-running fight to protect a nature conservation site from industrial development, the Pinkham Way Alliance have this week called for all supporters to fill the public gallery at a meeting on Thursday evening.

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Pinkham Way will be removed from Haringey's 'Site Allocations' - the Council admitted at the hearing that it wasn't needed for its employment strategy. So, potential developers will no longer be able to argue that a development's benefit (i.e. its contribution to the borough's employment needs) outweighs the harm to nature conservation. This is a very big win indeed for residents.

The Pinkham Way Allliance (PWA) is asking its supporters to sign up to be represented by the Alliance in the ongoing London Borough of Haringey's Local Plan Main Modifications public consultation. The PWA has written a response to the main modifications document which is aimed at overturning Haringey Council's insistence that the Pinkham Way site continue to be allocated as a potential employment site.  Quite apart from the fact that it poses a threat to an ecologically valuable site and.......

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