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pgc all green working and signpost with lettering new colour 2
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What better neighbours could you ask for? The UK's first senior co-housing community

27 November 2017

"We wanted to be in charge of our lives, we wanted to make things better, to live longer, to live more creatively, and still have energy to give back to the community." "This is the first senior co-housing community in the UK. We've got 26 women who know each other, share core values, do things together, and look out for each other. What better neighbours could you ask for?" The opening words of an inspiring new video about OWCH - Older Women's Co-Housing - whose New Ground co-housing.......

Find out about a cohousing project in Muswell Hill

29 September 2015

Cohousing Muswell Hill extend an invitation to their monthly meetings to anyone interested in this way of living - well established in some European countries, but a new concept in the UK. Woodside Square (old St Luke's) in Muswell Hill N10 is moving on apace with hospital buildings demolished and a start made on a marketing suite and show flat. Our cohousing community's buildings are projected to be completed early 2017. Early Bird discount available.  Our cohousing group is also growing.......

An "old-fashioned community" of the future in Muswell Hill

22 June 2015

Lots of new and exciting initiatives sprout up in North London, it seems. One that seems to have inspired a number of people is a proposed development on the old St Luke’s  Hospital site in Muswell Hill.  "Cohousing Woodside" has taken its name from the road running immediately south of the site, where the hospital is currently being demolished. We are a  group of potentially thirty households who will live on the leafy north-west corner of a scheme being built mostly for.......