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02 August 2020

Sian Berry, one of two Green members of the London Assembly, has issued her fifth report on cuts to youth services in the capital. Her data shows that, after nearly a decade of austerity, councils in London are still feeling forced to take money out of vital youth services with a further £2.2m removed. Enfield's youth services budget for 2019-20 amounted to a mere 14 per cent of the amount budgeted for 2011-12.

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17 July 2018

The first issue of London Ideas has been published online by the Centre for London

11 October 2017

The umbrella body London Councils is warning that an increasing number of local services are on the critical list due to growing demand from residents and inadequate funding from central Government. In a submission to Government ahead of the Autumn Budget, London Councils has highlighted the threat that lack of investment poses to under-pressure teams working in housing and children’s services, on top of the risks already exposed in adult social care. London’s population will swell.......

11 October 2017

The New Policy Institute has published London's Poverty Profile 2017, commissioned by the Trust for London. A summary and the full report can be downloaded from the Institute's website. Key findings The proportion of Londoners living in poverty after housing costs are taken into account has fallen from 29% to 27% over the last six years. In the rest of England, the latest figure is 21%. The cost of housing is the main factor explaining London’s higher poverty rate. The majority of.......