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North London Waste Plan

Incinerator campaigners condemn waste authority survey as 'disingenuous box-ticking'

23 August 2023

Environmental campaigners say that a survey of north London residents, designed to find out their views about managing waste in seven boroughs, is a 'box-ticking exercise' that fails to mention and ignores the negative economic and environmental consequences of building a large new incinerator in Edmonton. They accuse the waste authority of using flawed data to justify the project and instead call for advanced pre-sorting of waste to greatly reduce the need for incineration.

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Wanted: A north London council bold and far-sighted enough to reevaluate the Edmonton incinerator project

24 February 2021

Environmental campaigners have issued a challenge to the seven borough councils that are funding the North London Heat and Power Project - the construction of a new and larger incinerator to replace the existing facility in Edmonton: 'The question before north London's councils is: Will the decision to reverse course be taken now, responsibly, before costs skyrocket, opportunities for a green recovery are lost, and the equivalent of 250,000 diesel cars are added to our roads? Or will the decision be pushed off to the near future? That's the real call being made.'

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Open letter to waste authority chair shows that challenges to huge incinerator project continue

02 July 2020

At last week's board meeting of the North London Waste Authority, the concerns of a remarkably broad coalition of opponents of the plan for a huge new incinerator were brushed aside by the authority's chair. But challenges to the project have not gone away, the latest being an open letter which, using unvarnished language, calls out the authority on one of the most basic items of data being used to justify the project.

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Councillors urged to review mega-incinerator project and waste plan

11 March 2020

Councillors in seven north London boroughs have this week received letters urging them to radically re-think the plan for processing the area's waste and to put on hold and review the planned construction of a huge new incinerator in Edmonton.

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Stop the Edmonton incinerator

20 January 2020

Karl Brown reports on a meeting last week organised by campaigners against the replacement of the current Edmonton incinerator by a much larger plant.

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New Edmonton incinerator gets government approval

28 February 2017

Business and energy secretary Greg Clark has given the go-ahead to a new energy-from-waste plant at the Edmonton EcoPark. The plans were approved following an examination by the Planning Inspectorate which began in February 2016. It will replace Edmonton’s existing energy-from-waste facility (easily seen from the North Circular and many local spots with an easterly viewpoint) with a new plant which, unlike the old one, will produce heat as well as power. Site preparations are currently.......

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Pinkham Way Alliance publishes its input to waste plan consultation

11 October 2015

The Pinkham Way Alliance has now published the response it submitted to the consultation about the North London Waste Plan.  Following a fundraising campaign, the Alliance was able to employ a planning consultancy, Turley, to present arguments against the allocation of Pinkham Wood as a potential site for waste processing, and, more generally, to question the draft Waste Plan's assumptions about future waste volumes and required processing throughput. The Response and associated.......

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Pinkham Way campaigners issue urgent appeal to respond to consultation

24 September 2015

The Pinkham Way Alliance is asking supporters to sign an online form supporting the Alliance's response to the current consultation about the North London Waste Plan. By signing, you confirm that you are happy for the PWA to represent your views. The deadline to add your name is 5pm on Tuesday 29th September 2015. The Alliance has been campaigning to preserve an ecologically valuable green space adjacent to the North Circular Road and prevent construction of a waste processing facility on the.......

Pinkham Way campaigners report back on Haringey Council meeting

21 July 2015

The Pinkham Way Alliance has issued the following message about what happened at last week's meeting of Haringey Council. As Stephen Brice says, the new draft of the North London Waste Plan (PDF, 9MB) does include Pinkham Way in its list of proposed future waste sites - though it refers to the site as the "Friern Barnet Sewage Works" - something which has not existed for a very long time! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!.......

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A new threat to Pinkham Wood, as the Edmonton incinerator consultation nears its end

25 June 2015

The Pinkham Way Alliance has today sent an urgent message to its supporters warning of a new threat to Pinkham Wood.   HERE WE GO AGAIN... I’m very sorry to have to inform you that plans for a huge waste plant at Pinkham Way are back. This is a very serious turn of events, and on Tuesday 14 July, we must briefly attend a council meeting in Wood Green to let Haringey know how angry we are. ANOTHER WASTE PLANT?! Barnet Council aims to relocate its 6-acre Cricklewood Waste.......

Public consultation: North London Heat and Power Project

03 June 2015

The public have until 30th June to comment on proposals to build a new waste incinerator in Edmonton, considerably larger than the current incinerator, which it would replace.  The new buildings would be on the northern side of the North Circular, to the north and south of the present plant, which would then be demolished, leaving a space in between.  Public exhibitions will be held in Enfield, Edmonton, Northumberland Park and Chingford. The scheme, which would cost £500 million.......

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Pinkham Way campaigners continue to defend woodland and raise serious questions about planned new Edmonton incinerator

04 April 2015

In a recent message to its supporters the Pinkham Way Alliance (PWA) provided an update on its continuing fight on two fronts:  on the one hand, it is still campaigning to prevent, or at any rate minimise, the development of Pinkham Wood;  on the other hand, it continues to oppose what it considers overly grandiose plans by the North London Waste Authority for future waste incinerator capacity. Pinkham Wood The land referred to as Pinkham Wood is adjacent to the Pinkham Way section.......

Victory for Pinkham Way campaigners as waste authority abandons expensive procurement plan

28 September 2013

A two-year campaign aimed at persuading North London councils to scale down their plans for building new waste processing capacity and at preserving a wooded area adjacent to the North Circular Road scored a significant victory this week, when the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) announced that it was abandoning its plan for an expensive long-term procurement. Since 2011 the Pinkham Way Alliance has been campaigning against the planned construction of a large facility at Pinkham Wood, close.......

Petition launched for revised approach to waste in North London

04 July 2013

North London residents are being asked to sign and promulgate a petition calling for a complete rethink about planning for the future of waste processing and disposal across the area.  The petition, organised by the Pinkham Way Alliance (PWA), calls on the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) to abandon its current plans to let out a 30-year contract for the handling of waste from seven North London boroughs and instead develop a completely revised waste plan which would not bind the.......

Urgent call for community input to new waste plan

04 June 2013

The Southgate Green Association is calling for members of the public to respond before Friday 7 June to official consultation on the redrafting of the London Waste Plan (see this earlier report).  It is recommending to its members and to the public across the whole of North London that they use or adapt the wording of a draft letter provided by the Pinkham Way Alliance. Some of the most important points made in the draft letter are: That the previous version of the Waste Plan does not.......

Public consulted over North London Waste Plan relaunch

24 May 2013

Seven borough councils have been forced by a legal ruling to restart the process of drawing up a North London Waste Plan (NLWP) and are inviting members of the public to input their views and suggestions. The first version of the NLWP, which was finalised in 2012, proved highly controversial and prompted the creation of a campaigning group, the Pinkham Way Alliance (PWA).  The original spur to the creation of the PWA was the planned construction of a large waste processing facility on an.......