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St Harmonica's Online

Christmas Blues from St Harmonica's

23 December 2020

St Harmonica's Blues Club is locked down again, but it hasn't stopped regular club attendees writing to Santa requesting their favourite Christmas records. You can hear them all in the St Harmonica's Christmas Playlist.

More Lockdown Blues

18 November 2020

Thanks to the filming and editing skills of Mark and Katie Hawkins, it's now possible to relive the Blues Chapter mini residency at St Harmonicas supported by Big Alan Craig with Lindsay Fraser Craig, or catch it for the first time.

The Lockdown Blues, part 2

04 November 2020

Fortunately, St Harmonica's didn't waste the few weeks that live music was able to return to the Southgate Club. Thanks to the filming skills of Mark and Katie Hawkins, edited footage from the September and October gigs is gradually being uploaded to the St Harmonica's YouTube Channel. Plus, download a recording from Lockdown Part 1 by local musician Tig Trafford.

St Harmonica's Blues Club - online

16 September 2020

This is possibly our final playlist in this series, as we plan to return to live music at St Harmonica's on Friday 25 September 2020 (sorry - already sold out!), regulations permitting. It features some of our regular performers, hopefully coming to play for us again soon. We hope you have enjoyed the playlists over the past six months.

St Harmonica's Friday Night In - 11th September

08 September 2020

Only two weeks until St Harmonica's restarts at the Southgate Club - reserve your seat now. In the meantime, we have another fine selection - Unplugged and Mellow - chosen by Simon Bennett.

St Harmonica's Blues Club - online

27 August 2020

This week's selection was chosen by Mark Olbrich.

St Harmonica's Blues Club - online

12 August 2020

The songs for the 20th virtual St Harmonica's have been compiled by a couple of Low Down Dogs. The theme is (loosely) 'Here's one I didn';t write myself'; the sub-title could be: 'Did you realise this wasn't the original?

St Harmonica's Friday Night In - 7th August

05 August 2020

This week's playlist was selected by Dave Thomas and is described by John Crowther as 'foot-tappingly fine'. Can't argue with that..

St Harmonica's Friday Night In - 31 July

29 July 2020

This week's playlist reflects the rich and varied musical tastes of Ruth & Dave Buckwell, otherwise known as That Blue Patch. We start with a fitting tribute to recently departed Peter Green, one of the greatest UK blues musicians of all time..

St Harmonica's Friday Night In

22 July 2020

'What is the connection?' asks Simon Bennett, compiler of this week's playlist.

St Harmonica's Blues Club - online

15 July 2020

This week we return, at long last, to a line-up full of people who play at St Harmonica's Blues Club. Like what you hear? Come and find us in Southgate on a Friday night when we are eventually able to re-open. In the meantime, find some more of their YouTube videos, and visit their websites to see what else they've been up to!

St Harmonica's Blues Club - online

08 July 2020

Greetings, and welcome to another weekly playlist from St Harmonica's Blues Club. Last time we did an Ask the Audience playlist we received so many requests and recommendations we couldn't fit them all into one list. So here comes Part 2. Many, many thanks to all the contributors..

St Harmonica's Blues Club - online

30 June 2020

This week's St Harmonica's playlist was compiled and annotatedby 'Little Paul' Besterman. From the honking and wailing of Gatortail Jackson through the downhome of Dr.Ross Sonny Boy Son House Willie Mctell stopping off in Chicago for Muddy Junior Wells, to the Screaming of Jay Hawkins, a trip of various styles possibly driven by Memphis Minnie's chauffeur. Listen, bop, or weep - it's all Blues.

St Harmonica's Blues Club - online

24 June 2020

This week's virtual St Harmonica's features music selected by John Crowther: 'When I started getting seriously into music as a spotty teenager with an acoustic guitar in the early 1970s, there were two distinct strands. On one hand, contemporary folk music; on the other, hard rock. Eventually I realised both strands had at least some elements (and in some cases, complete songs!) that led directly back to much earlier American blues, often via 1960s bands and musicians. They are the theme of this playlist. I hope you enjoy it.'

St Harmonica's Blues Club - online

17 June 2020

This week's playlist features songs nominated by members of the St Harmonica's virtual audience.

St Harmonica's Blues Club - online

09 June 2020

This week's recordings have been chosen by Simon Bennett, who asks: 'Which British band borrowed heavily from these numbers?'

St Harmonica's Blues Club - online

03 June 2020

This week's playlist, selected by Chrissie and Dave Thomas, gives you a flavour of what would have been at St Harmonica's over the last few weeks, and finishes with a train set for you to play with. Is there light at the end of the tunnel or is it just one of those on coming trains? We live in hope; enjoy the offering..

St Harmonica's Blues Club - online

26 May 2020

This week's St Harmonica's playlist was compiled by local musicologist Nick Wall. In his own words: 'Here's my selection of blues and some of its neighbouring musical areas, with music from the 1920s to the beginning of the 1960s. There's a core of Louisiana music, but it strays up to the Appalachians and down around the Gulf Coast. It embraces the contradiction at the heart of the blues - an expression of pain or an exuberant music for enjoying the good times.'

St Harmonica's Blues Club - online

20 May 2020

This week's playlist was compiled by David Sinclair: singer, songwriter, guitarist and bandleader of the David Sinclair Four (DS4) and a sometime music journalist. He says: 'I was looking forward to bringing the DS4 to St Harmonica's on Friday May 22. We have had to put the gig on hold, but we'll be there as soon as we can. Meanwhile, here are some of my favourite performances by great musicians I've met over the years.'

Read the full article and forum comments

St Harmonica's Blues Club - online

12 May 2020

This week's blues playlist was compiled by regular St Harmonica's attendee and locked-down percussion maestro, Pete Abernethy. He describes it as 'an attempt at charting the changes of the sound, techniques, and styles of drummers/percussionists and bass players over time'. It definitely has rhythm ...

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