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Enfield Climate Action Forum will be running a competition for primary and secondary school pupils during this year's Big Green Week. To help promote the competition students from Middlesex Uni will be filming examples of best practice in teaching climate change subjects. They're seeking help in identifying suitable schools to do the filming.

As we transition towards electric vehicles that don't incur fuel duty, the Treasury faces a revenue loss of £30bn each year. Given the unpopularity of fuel duty, a report by Scott Corfe of the Social Market Foundation explores the case for introducing a nationwide road pricing system in the UK, setting out a model that is fairer than fuel duty, replaces lost tax revenue, and reduces the burden on low-income households.

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If you love your local waterways and want to make them even better, join the Thames21 accredited Leading Action for Healthy Rivers training!

An overwhelming majority of north London residents who responded to a recent survey are in favour of a waste strategy that does not include incineration and favour a significant increase in recycling and reuse.

Just under half of candidates standing for election to councils in north London have signed up to the commitments listed in a manifesto issued by a community group that campaigns for zero-waste policies across the seven boroughs that are represented on the North London Waste Authority.

New analysis by environmental and waste consultant Dr Dominic Hogg further undermines the environmental case that the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) has been setting out in support of this expensive and 'environmentally disastrous' project.

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Candidates standing for election to seven north London councils next month have been signing up to a manifesto published by a community group concerned about poor recycling and reuse rates across the area.

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A manifesto sent by Enfield Climate Action Forum to all candidates standing in the council elections asks them to acknowledge the profound risks created by climate change, the need to both mitigate and adapt to its effects and to protect the most vulnerable people and ensure that measures taken do not cause suffering for the most disadvantaged members of the community. It sets out a list of actions needed to cut waste; reduce car use; cut pollution; ensure that the planning system works to reduce rather than exacerbate climate risk; and mitigate flood risk.

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Tired of seeing and smelling pollution from your local river? Join the Thames21 WATERBLITZ across the Pymmes, Salmons and Turkey Brooks.

With both diesel and petrol cars responsible for an increasing proportion of harmful air pollution in London, the Clean Cities coalition of campaign groups is calling on all candidates in the council elections to commit to taking steps to reduce driving in the capital.