Environment & Sustainability

Val Dyer from the Forty Hall Farm Orchard volunteers' group invites readers to help celebrate the orchard's tenth anniversary at its Apple Day on 10th October.

As her contribution to Enfield's Big Green Climate Festival, local poet Myra Schneider has asked me to share one of her poems on an environmental theme.

Around 100 groups, brought together under the auspices of the Enfield Climate Action Forum, are putting on 100 separate events of all sorts: plays, poetry, walks, a bike ride, play streets, a food festival, an apple day, online meetings, a fair trade chocolate and wine tasting, music, the list goes on... Despite the seriousness and urgency of the changes we need to make, this is a festival - a joyful expression of mutual pleasure in one another's company, as we get together to safeguard the tuture.

As part of Enfield's Big Green Climate Festival, Enfield Cycling Campaign in association with Better Streets for Enfield will be hosting their popular Try a Bike event in Palmers Green on 19th September. There will be a myriad of bikes for adults and children to try for free. Don't miss the opportunity to have a go on a tandem, a cargo bike - or even bikes with child seats.

This week's Palmers Green Community Newsletter showed the wrong date for the Enfield Society's tree-based walk from Chase Farm to Trent Park. The correct date is 18th September.

Enfield Climate Action Forum has published its submission to the currently running consultation on the council's Climate Action Plan Progress Report and Carbon Emissions Review.

Enfield People's Theatre, comprising mostly first-time actors, will be performing Lynda Brennan's new play If Not Now, Then When? at the Crouch End Festival and then three times during Enfield's Big Green Climate Festival, which runs from 18th to 26th September in venues throughout the borough. It's described as an 'interactive community play for a loud and active audience of children and adults'.

A short film provides a glimpse into how people one station down the line from PG are reducing waste and living life with less plastic (or in the case of one couple, no plastic).
Environmental groups based in north London and more widely are continuing their campaign against the planned new Edmonton Incinerator or 'Energy-from-Waste' project. Recent letters sent to Enfield Council and to a Spanish firm bidding for the construction project have challenged the council to provide evidence that it is subjecting the project to adequate scrutiny and have asked the engineering firm to withdraw its bid in order to protect its reputation as a company committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting the circular economy.

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