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Topic: The Good, the Bad and the Really Ugly

The Good, the Bad and the Really Ugly
06 Jun 2021 10:59 #6041

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Early Sunday morning and a peaceful, very short, walk to collect a newspaper: several pensioners happily chatting on Fox Lane, something that was once a near impossible auditory challenge; vegetable peelings, so often dumped in the planters for some inexplicable reason, this time spread over the nearby road; a popsicle tree on the high street snapped off a foot above its base; pavement vomit carefully targeted at another; popsicle trees outside Anthony Webb’s still in situ and supplemented by a stunning display of smaller plants in a series of pots (very well done); contrasting with an appalling pile of rubbish opposite on Hazelwood Lane spilling out of large bins over a wide area; and looking over Green Lanes, what is now two cafes either side of the Devonshire Road junction expanding onto the nearby pavements indicating what a beneficial social space that area can become.
There’s enormous potential here but boy is there far too much destructive behaviour.

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