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Forum topic: Recycling and Flying to the Moon

Recycling and Flying to the Moon

Karl Brown

25 Oct 2023 09:22 #6988

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Flying four times to the moon and back. That’s the BBC’s reported estimate of what the increase in fixtures in next season’s three European club football competitions means in terms of the fans and teams flying back and forth between cities to participate. Climate affecting CO2 from this is calculated at 500,000 tonnes. For comparison, the planned Edmonton incinerator comes in at a reported 700,000 tonnes pa (so that’s flying to the moon and back almost six times pa). I often find translating incomprehensible numbers into understandable factors helps in defining their scale.
This month the National Infrastructure Commission reported that effort focused on recycling would mean the UK could save 20 incinerators. North London’s recycling target has been 50% for ever so long and will soon enough be 65%, but the actual figure has long been stuck at around 30%. Rather than taking a lead and planning to invest in turbo-charging recycling, instead we’re on track to pay £1.5bn to include a huge CO2 generating burner which the data indicates is not required on anything like such a scale, if at all.

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