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On 7th April the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) issued new guidance to healthcare professionals regarding the effective treatment of chronic pain. According to Palmers Green-based clinical massage therapist and chronic pain specialist Steven Murdoch, the new recommendations have created both confusion and anger amongst people with persistent (chronic) pain and pain specialists alike. However, he believes the new guidance is a step in the right direction.

Campaigners and politicians have joined forces to raise the alarm about the takeover, in questionable circumstances, of GP surgeries in north London and elsewhere by a giant US health corporation.

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Volunteers are required for an online NHS research project into balance anxiety and dizziness - the research sample needs to include both people who experience problems in these regards and those who don't.

On 17th March Healthwatch Enfield held an online question and answer session about local mental health services and support, with more than forty participants. A recording is now available.

For many chronic pain sufferers, the national lockdown has meant limited access to pain-relieving treatments. However, according to Palmers Green-based clinical massage therapist and chronic pain specialist Steven Murdoch, there are many things we can do ourselves to self-manage pain.

A new home from hospital service is free for Enfield residents. AlphaCare can accept referrals from any health professionals, relatives or friends - and you can also self-refer.

The People's Covid Enquiry has been set up because of the urgent need to investigate how well or ill prepared the UK was for the pandemic and how well it has been dealing with it. A panel led by Michael Mansfield QC will hear statements from expert witnesses. Session 1 was held on 24th February and can be watched here.

Enfield Children's Centre is running an on-line information course for all parents who have a baby aged 2-4 months

Aldermans Pharmacy has been appointed as the local coronavirus vaccination centre for Palmers Green.

A new campaign, NHS New Deal, sets out a vision for a fully funded, truly public NHS which respects health workers, gives patients the power to shape its future, and ensures everyone the quality care we all deserve.