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Healthwatch Enfield have been asked by Enfield Council to find out what users think about adult social care services provided in the borough. There is a five-minute online survey for you to provide your feedback.

Healthwath Enfield have published the results of their recent research into the state of dentistry in the borough. Readers will probably not be surprised to learn that the majority of dental practicies (34 out of 43) are not currently accepting new adult patients on the NHS, and three of the nine that are have a waiting list.

This year's Dementia Action Week, starting on 15th May, will see a series of special events in Enfield run by organisations that belong to Enfield Dementia Alliance.

Dr John Puntis explains the background to this week's strike by hospital doctors - not just the fact that their pay has fallen so drastically over recent years, but the catastrophic neglect of the whole NHS.

On Saturday 11th March tens of thousands of people - NHS staff and concerned patients and public - amassed outside University College Hospital at the start of a nationwide demonstration under the slogan SOS NHS!. Members of local campaign group Defend Enfield NHS were pleased and proud to be in the thick of it as protesters went on to march through central London to Downing Street.

Last Saturday campaigners from Defend Enfield NHS were in Parliament Square along with members of other groups opposed to privatisation of NHS services at a demonstration called to highlight the findings of research published in the respected health sector journal The Lancet that changes to for-profit outsourcing since 2014 were associated with an additional 557 treatable deaths across 173 clinical commissioning groups.

Following an incident in Palmers Green 'which could have had deadly consequences', London Fire Brigade have issued a warning about the risks of carbon monoxide fumes produced by poorly maintained fires.

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The prime minister says there is no NHS crisis. But today, in the real world, members of Defend Enfield NHS were supporting striking ambulance crews on the picket line at Chase Farm Hospital.

On the British Medical Association (BMA) website there is a page with graphs comparing NHS bed data compared to other countries, bed stocks over time, the impact of COVID-19, safety breaches and intensive care capacity.

Healthwatch Enfield have sent information about a survey designed to help in decision-making about how the London Ambulance Service (LAS) develops its services over the next five years