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Following an incident in Palmers Green 'which could have had deadly consequences', London Fire Brigade have issued a warning about the risks of carbon monoxide fumes produced by poorly maintained fires.

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The prime minister says there is no NHS crisis. But today, in the real world, members of Defend Enfield NHS were supporting striking ambulance crews on the picket line at Chase Farm Hospital.

On the British Medical Association (BMA) website there is a page with graphs comparing NHS bed data compared to other countries, bed stocks over time, the impact of COVID-19, safety breaches and intensive care capacity.

Healthwatch Enfield have sent information about a survey designed to help in decision-making about how the London Ambulance Service (LAS) develops its services over the next five years

Health service campaigner Frances Warboys, a member of Defend Enfield NHS (DENHS), acknowledges the late Queen's recognition of the outstanding public service provided by NHS staff since its inception, and particularly in response to Covid, but warns about grave threats to the future of this groundbreaking British institution.

If you've ever chanced upon a group of people walking round Broomfield Park using long poles and wondered what they were up to, the answer is Nordic Walking. Are the claimed benefits of this type of exercise real, or just another fad?

The government evidently doesn't want people to know that there are currently record high levels of Covid-19 in the UK - one in ten under 18s have the disease. Watch this video for information and advice from Professor Tim Spector.

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The North Central London Integrated Care Board, set up as part of a major reorganisation of the NHS in England which began this week, is carrying out a survey of patients' views about out-of-hours GP appointments.

In the autumn Palmers Green-based massage therapist Steven Murdoch will be carrying out a study on chronic shoulder pain, exploring the effectiveness of Jing Method™ clinical massage in adults. He's inviting chronic shoulder pain sufferers who meet certain criteria to participate for free.

'The NHS will last as long as there are folk left with the faith to fight for it' - famous words uttered by Nye Bevan in 1948. 'We are those folk, come and join us', says Frances Warboys of Defend Enfield NHS, as she explains how the NHS has been neglected and what the implications are of the Health & Care Act that comes into effect next week.