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The following is taken from the Healthwatch Enfield website.

At 6:30pm on 29th September, 2017 Park Lodge Medical Centre will shut its doors to all its patients. For more information, click on this link.

All patients at Park Lodge Medical Centre are being advised that they will be relocated to Winchmore Hill Practice at Green Lanes Surgery, 808 Green Lanes, Winchmore Hill, London N21 2SA, but this is not your only option as everyone has a right to choose their preferred GP practice. This means YOU can choose to move to a different surgery.

We provide the following information to help with your choice of new surgery.

There are five other GP surgeries within the catchment area of Park Lodge Medical Centre (Surgeries closest listed first

1. Grovelands Medical Centre

Phone : 020 8882 4556 Address: 1 Grovelands Road, Palmers Green London
N13 4RJ Website:
Staff numbers: 5 GPs, 2 nurses 6 admin Number of patients registered: 9583

2. Dr. Howard Daitz

Phone: 020 8886 3631 Address: 1 Broomfield Avenue,
Palmers Green London, N13 4JJ Website:
Staff numbers : 4 GPs,1 nurse, 3 admin Number of patients registered:8112

3. Gillian House Surgery

Phone: 020 8882 9393 Address: 457 Green Lanes, Palmers Green
London, N13 4BS Website:
Staff numbers 5 GPs, 2 nurses, 1 admin Number of patients registered 9363

4. Connaught Surgery

Phone: 020 8920 9606 Address: 144 Hedge Lane, Palmers Green, London
N13 5ST Website
Staff numbers 3 GPs, 1 nurse, 1 admin Numbers of patients registered 4860

5. The Woodberry Practice

Phone: 020 8886 2751 Address: 1 Woodberry Avenue, Winchmore Hill
London, N21 3LE Website
Staff numbers: 7 GPs

Number of patients registered 8496

Not sure how to go about registering with your practice?

Why not have a look at our GP Guide. Click on this link

For further help and information or to share your feedback about the closure, please contact Michelle Malwah at our offices on 020 8373 6283 or send an email to:

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Darren Edgar posted a reply
28 Sep 2017 09:37
Dr Daitz and the North London Health Centre are very good IMO. Been signed up there 8 years without much complaint.