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Time to rescue the NHS, its patients and its staff!

11 June 2024

Frances Warboys from the campaigning group Defend Enfield NHS says it's time to restore the National Health Service to its former level of efficiency and effectiveness.

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Dementia Action Week in Enfield

13 May 2024

The nationwide Dementia Action Week takes place this year between 13th and 19th May. In Enfield the organisations working together in the Enfield Dementia Network are running help and awareness raising events throughout the week.

NHS in North Central London recruiting volunteers to help oversee the 'joining up' of patient data

07 March 2024

The NHS in north London is preparing to begin combining patient data with the aim of improving services. An opt out is available and volunteers are being recruited to the committee which will oversee use of the data.

How can we improve NHS services for Enfield residents?

21 February 2024

Enfield's NHS 'watchdog' invites us to its annual conference next month. Its priority is improving access to GP appointments - but can it really do anything about this?

Help shape community eye services in North Central London

22 November 2023

NHS North Central London Integrated Care Board would like your help to shape and influence how community eye services will be delivered across Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Haringey and Islington. They are conducting a short questionnaire to gain insight into eye services.

What are your health and wellbeing priorities for 2024?

22 November 2023

The borough's health services watchdog, Healthwatch Enfield, is conducting an online survey to determine what areas it should focus on during 2024.

North Central London NHS body recruiting volunteers to sit on important committees

13 September 2023

The body which commissions NHS services in five north London boroughs is seeking to recruit up to eight Community Participant volunteers.

Play a part in deciding on how eye surgery is provided

13 September 2023

NHS management in North Central London is proposing changes to how eye surgery is provided in the five boroughs that it is responsible for. Residents can respond to a survey which runs until mid-October and also attend a focus group meeting in Edmonton on Monday 25th September.

MP raises questions about proposed closure of Palmers Green GP surgery

19 July 2023

Enfield Southgate MP Bambos Charalambous has written to the body responsible for NHS services in North Central London in response to a proposal to permanently close a Palmers Green GP surgery that he says provides a 'key service' for older members of the community living south of the North Circular Road.

75 years old this week - Aneira Thomas and the NHS

04 July 2023

Britain's first NHS baby, 75 this week, calls on all political parties to stop the dismantling and privatisation of the National Health Service.

How do you rate adult social care services in Enfield?

31 May 2023

Healthwatch Enfield have been asked by Enfield Council to find out what users think about adult social care services provided in the borough. There is a five-minute online survey for you to provide your feedback.

Dentistry in Enfield: Gaps galore!

24 May 2023

Healthwath Enfield have published the results of their recent research into the state of dentistry in the borough. Readers will probably not be surprised to learn that the majority of dental practicies (34 out of 43) are not currently accepting new adult patients on the NHS, and three of the nine that are have a waiting list.

Why are hospital doctors striking?

12 April 2023

Dr John Puntis explains the background to this week's strike by hospital doctors - not just the fact that their pay has fallen so drastically over recent years, but the catastrophic neglect of the whole NHS.

Local people responding to an SOS call for the NHS

15 March 2023

On Saturday 11th March tens of thousands of people - NHS staff and concerned patients and public - amassed outside University College Hospital at the start of a nationwide demonstration under the slogan SOS NHS!. Members of local campaign group Defend Enfield NHS were pleased and proud to be in the thick of it as protesters went on to march through central London to Downing Street.

Enfield campaigners highlight excess deaths linked to NHS privatisation

01 March 2023

Last Saturday campaigners from Defend Enfield NHS were in Parliament Square along with members of other groups opposed to privatisation of NHS services at a demonstration called to highlight the findings of research published in the respected health sector journal The Lancet that changes to for-profit outsourcing since 2014 were associated with an additional 557 treatable deaths across 173 clinical commissioning groups.

On the picket line with Defend Enfield NHS

11 January 2023

The prime minister says there is no NHS crisis. But today, in the real world, members of Defend Enfield NHS were supporting striking ambulance crews on the picket line at Chase Farm Hospital.

Comparing UK hospital beds with other countries

06 January 2023

On the British Medical Association (BMA) website there is a page with graphs comparing NHS bed data compared to other countries, bed stocks over time, the impact of COVID-19, safety breaches and intensive care capacity.

Feed into decision-making on the future of ambulance services in London

04 January 2023

Healthwatch Enfield have sent information about a survey designed to help in decision-making about how the London Ambulance Service (LAS) develops its services over the next five years

Healthwatch Enfield is recruiting volunteer communication assistants

10 October 2022

Healthwatch Enfield is recruiting volunteer communication assistants to help raise public awareness of its work. Volunteers should be able to commit to being available at least one day a week.

Join Healthwatch Enfield as a community outreach volunteer

23 September 2022

Healthwatch Enfield are recruiting community outreach volunteers. Their role is to be 'out there' talking and listening to patients, community members and/or people who use health and social care services. If you enjoy chatting to people, have good listening skills, a little bit of spare time and an interest in health and social care this could be the perfect role for you.