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31 May 2023

Healthwatch Enfield have been asked by Enfield Council to find out what users think about adult social care services provided in the borough. There is a five-minute online survey for you to provide your feedback.

24 May 2023

Healthwath Enfield have published the results of their recent research into the state of dentistry in the borough. Readers will probably not be surprised to learn that the majority of dental practicies (34 out of 43) are not currently accepting new adult patients on the NHS, and three of the nine that are have a waiting list.

12 April 2023

Dr John Puntis explains the background to this week's strike by hospital doctors - not just the fact that their pay has fallen so drastically over recent years, but the catastrophic neglect of the whole NHS.

15 March 2023

On Saturday 11th March tens of thousands of people - NHS staff and concerned patients and public - amassed outside University College Hospital at the start of a nationwide demonstration under the slogan SOS NHS!. Members of local campaign group Defend Enfield NHS were pleased and proud to be in the thick of it as protesters went on to march through central London to Downing Street.

01 March 2023

Last Saturday campaigners from Defend Enfield NHS were in Parliament Square along with members of other groups opposed to privatisation of NHS services at a demonstration called to highlight the findings of research published in the respected health sector journal The Lancet that changes to for-profit outsourcing since 2014 were associated with an additional 557 treatable deaths across 173 clinical commissioning groups.

11 January 2023

The prime minister says there is no NHS crisis. But today, in the real world, members of Defend Enfield NHS were supporting striking ambulance crews on the picket line at Chase Farm Hospital.

06 January 2023

On the British Medical Association (BMA) website there is a page with graphs comparing NHS bed data compared to other countries, bed stocks over time, the impact of COVID-19, safety breaches and intensive care capacity.

04 January 2023

Healthwatch Enfield have sent information about a survey designed to help in decision-making about how the London Ambulance Service (LAS) develops its services over the next five years

10 October 2022

Healthwatch Enfield is recruiting volunteer communication assistants to help raise public awareness of its work. Volunteers should be able to commit to being available at least one day a week.

23 September 2022

Healthwatch Enfield are recruiting community outreach volunteers. Their role is to be 'out there' talking and listening to patients, community members and/or people who use health and social care services. If you enjoy chatting to people, have good listening skills, a little bit of spare time and an interest in health and social care this could be the perfect role for you.

20 September 2022

Health service campaigner Frances Warboys, a member of Defend Enfield NHS (DENHS), acknowledges the late Queen's recognition of the outstanding public service provided by NHS staff since its inception, and particularly in response to Covid, but warns about grave threats to the future of this groundbreaking British institution.

22 August 2022

A recent TV news report featured the work of Noah's Ark children's hospice in Barnet.

06 July 2022

The North Central London Integrated Care Board, set up as part of a major reorganisation of the NHS in England which began this week, is carrying out a survey of patients' views about out-of-hours GP appointments.

22 June 2022

'The NHS will last as long as there are folk left with the faith to fight for it' - famous words uttered by Nye Bevan in 1948. 'We are those folk, come and join us', says Frances Warboys of Defend Enfield NHS, as she explains how the NHS has been neglected and what the implications are of the Health & Care Act that comes into effect next week.

15 June 2022

Local health service campaigners from Defend Enfield NHS (DeNHS) were out on the street at Palmers Green Triangle on Saturday as part of a national day of action in protest about the Health and Care Act, which comes into effect on 1st July. They were calling for the NHS body which will run health services in North Central London to undertake not to have private firms sitting on its decision-making board.

19 May 2022

Last week nurses around the world were celebrating International Nurses' Day and the team from the North Mid's children's and young people's department were in the mood for some fun!

17 May 2022

The NHS body which procures services for patients in five north London boroughs - Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Haringey and Islington - is preparing to run a new procurement process to find a provider for NHS 111 and out-of-hours services in the boroughs. As part of the process it is surveying residents about their experiences with these services as currently provided. One aspect of particular importance is finding out why patients continue to attend accident and emergency (A&E) departments rather than using NHS 111 online or by phone in cases where this is the recommended option.

13 April 2022

London Metropolitan University in partnership with NHS North Central London Clinical Commissioning Group has launched an evaluation study: Your experiences with accessing NHS services this winter: a survey of North London residents. The study is about people's experiences in accessing local NHS services, how informed they were to look after themselves and their families' health this winter.

02 March 2022

Last Saturday, 26th February, was a national day of action for the National Health Service, organised under the slogan SOS NHS. In Palmers Green, members of local campaign Defend Enfield NHS (DeNHS) gathered at the Triangle to inform passers-by about the urgent need to provide more money for the NHS and to campaign against changes which will allow private companies, including big US health corporations, to join the boards of the new Integrated Care Systems that will be determining who is eligible for which treatments.

23 February 2022

Saturday 26th February is the SOS NHS National Day of Action. Campaigners will be at Palmers Green Triangle between 11am and 1pm telling the public about the various threats to our National Health Service and urging people to sign a petition to the chancellor of the exchequer asking for emergency funding.