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From Enfield Police:

I have been asked to try and get the word out there to “vulnerable ” groups in and around Enfield re this old scam that is doing the rounds again:-

Knock on the door from a legitimate sounding company such as Dynorod:

“Hi, we have been clearing drains in the area and found that your drains are causing the problem. It’s going to cost a lot of money to clear/repair but if you don’t get them clear/repaired they will cause damage to other properties and you will be liable for the cost of any repairs. You need to pay a deposit up front to me”

(in some cases this has been £4000 and the poor victim taken to the bank to withdraw the funds)

If they need to confirm all this they are given a phone number of “head office” (“head office” of course being another member of the fraudster team who pretends to arrange a time to get the work done to make it all sound legitimate)

,the individuals they have tried this on in Enfield were a little bit more switched on and could see it for what it was, but clearly they may try again.

Please spread the word as best you can and contact me if you have any information re this scam.


Steve Savell PC 808 YE – Faith and Communities Officer for the Borough of Enfield

Southgate Police Station/Civic Centre

– 07917 894 603 – Twitter #faithcom

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