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pgc all green working and signpost with lettering new colour 2
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Friends of Broomfield Park want to know your views, to help them plan future activities.

lake and bandstand in broomfield park 

Friends of Broomfield Park (FoBP) have been busier than ever over the past year and are helping make big improvements to the park, and to the lives of local people, in many different ways.

Never ones to rest on their laurels, the Friends have now launched an online survey seeking the views of park visitors to help them make decisions on future projects to develop and improve amenities and activities in Broomfield Park.

FoBP co-chair Finula Cilliers says: “Through the dedicated work of volunteers working in partnership with Enfield Council, we have made lots of important improvements in the park in recent years. Planting trees, hedgerows and wildflower meadows and developing wetlands has increased biodiversity, reviving flower beds and lakes has brought new interest to the historic gardens, holding lots of community events has added to local cultural life and the amazing conservatory and Palmers Greenery community café are jewels in the crown.

"We are now looking forward to the next phase and hope that all of our communities will help guide our future efforts through a survey to capture your views.

"Many other things also bring life to the park - sports and well-being activities, dog-walking, the children’s playground, fairgrounds and circuses, running and personal fitness, family celebrations and of course just a local spot for peace and tranquility.

"The ideas of park users will be central to the plans and future programmes of the Friends of Broomfield Park and there are many volunteer opportunities for local people to get involved and help maintain our park as a vital and vibrant community asset for Palmers Green.”

Complete the online survey

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PGC Webmaster posted a reply
01 Feb 2024 11:56
Apologies, I forgot the most important link - the one to the survey!

Now added to the main article.