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Community Projects

Celebrating ten years of the Palmers Greenery Community Café

22 May 2024

The Palmers Greenery Community Café in Broomfield Park will be celebrating its tenth anniversary in early June with a series of free events: a Wellbeing Wander, a dog show and a Community Fun Day - something for everyone! But the Palmers Greenery is much more than just - to coin a phrase - an 'ace café'.

Last chance to tell the Friends what you think about Broomfield Park

26 February 2024

Friends of Broomfield Park's survey of visitors to the park ends on Saturday, the last day of February. They've keen to know what visitors like and about the park, and what they think could be improved.

Firs Farm Community Hub gets off to a busy start

23 February 2024

The long awaited Community Hub at Firs Farm opened its doors to the public for the first time on Friday morning, providing food, drink and a warm welcome for visitors to this attractive and family-friendly area of grassland, trees, hedgerows and by now well established wetlands.

Let the Friends have your views on Broomfield Park

31 January 2024

Friends of Broomfield Park (FoBP) have been busier than ever over the past year and are helping make big improvements to the park, and to the lives of local people, in many different ways. Never ones to rest on their laurels, the Friends have now launched an online survey seeking the views of park visitors to help them make decisions on future projects to develop and improve amenities and activities in Broomfield Park.

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Busy bees in Broomfield Park!

19 December 2023

The Friends of Broomfield Park go from strength to strength with a wide range of projects aimed at both beautifying the park and helping improve local people's lives.

Setting people's imaginations alight: Palmers Green's first community hub

29 November 2023

The Palmers Green Community Hub was held on 28th November and attracted around 120 different organisations and individual attendees. Francis Sealey celebrates a successful afternoon.

Putting our heads together to work towards a better future

22 November 2023

More than 100 people from PG and nearby came together last Saturday to spend the afternoon discussing their common challenges and ways of meeting them at the first Palmers Green Local Community Hub.

The Palmers Greenery Community Café: much more than just coffee and cakes!

27 September 2023

The not-for-profit Palmers Greenery Community Café in Broomfield Park is now in its tenth year and its unique business model not only provides visitors with healthy and ethically produced (but still affordable) food and drinks, but also brings a whole range of other benefits to the park and local community. Just quite how much social impact it has is the subject of a newly published report.

Addressing local people's concerns through 'community hubs'

02 September 2023

Francis Sealey, chair of Enfield Climate Action Forum (EnCAF), explains the background to the first Palmers Green 'Local Community Hub' - an afternoon and evening event in November bringing communities together to discuss the things that concern them, such as air pollution, social isolation, food insecurity and other issues both big and small.

The Palmers Greenery Community Impact Survey

16 April 2023

It's nearly ten years since an abandoned toilet building in Broomfield Park reopened as a community cafe. Ahead of anniversary celebrations, the Palmers Greenery team are asking people to fill out a survey to reveal what impact their community cafe has had on People, the Park and Palmers Green..

A month to raise funds to bring Bowes Park's 'beating heart' back to life

20 February 2023

A share offer launched today represents the last chance of bringing back to life a bar and community venue that was central to the social renaissance of a faded Victorian high street close to Bowes Park station.

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Building a community hub

24 January 2023

A volunteers group's ambitious plans to build a new community hub are coming closer to fruition as contractors start work at a construction site just off Firs Lane, on a disused car park close to Firs Farm Wetlands.

Celebrating another golden year in Broomfield Conservatory

14 January 2023

On a very wet Sunday 8th January, volunteers from the Friends of Broomfield Park's conservatory group gathered in their favourite greenhouse to celebrate their achievements in 2022 and look forward to another year welcoming visitors to Palmers Green's own mini-Kew Gardens.

Taking a Step towards reviving the beating heart of a community

14 December 2022

A community group in Bowes Park has been awarded more than a quarter of a million pounds by the government to go towards a project to reopen a once thriving local bar that served as a community hub. The ultimate success of the project will require local people to take shareholdings in what would become a truly community-owned asset.

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A special day in Conway Rec

30 November 2022

Keith Weller from Friends of Conway Rec reports on last week's ceremony inaugurating the park's Learning Circle.

Broomfield Park's many friends at hand

16 November 2022

In 2021/22 Friends of Broomfield Park volunteers put in more than nine thousand hours of unpaid work to improve the park and help local communities.

Drop in to learn about a living memorial to local victims of Covid

13 September 2022

On Sunday 25th September Enfield residents are invited to an informal drop-in event in Enfield Town Park to learn about the progress of a 'living memorial' to local people who have been lost during the Covid pandemic.

Help Friends of Firs Farm get their community hub funding dash over the finish line

07 September 2022

If Friends of Firs Farm are to receive funding promised by sponsors to go towards building a community hub on the popular green space in the east of Winchmore Hill, they need to have it well under construction by the end of the year. But Covid has caused delays, while costs have increased, and they're still short of the amount they need. You can help build this community enriching new facility by contributing to their crowdfunder.

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Wanted: An artist to help tell the story of Stevie Smith

29 March 2022

Palmers Green Action Team is recruiting an artist to create a site-specific work to celebrate the life of celebrated poet and PG resident Stevie Smith. This will be one of the Stories of Enfield projects - community heritage activities that are receiving funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Green Lanes gets greener this Friday

16 March 2022

Palmers Green Action Team have some exciting news for everyone interested in making our home town live up to the Green in its name. This week the project to create a green link between two parks - Broomfield and Hazelwood Rec - will take a big step forward with the installation of four new trees along Green Lanes, each housed in a large and stylish pot.

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