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broomfield conservatory volunteers at their new year celebration january 2023

On a very wet Sunday 8th January, volunteers from the Friends of Broomfield Park's conservatory group gathered in their favourite greenhouse to celebrate their achievements in 2022 and look forward to another year welcoming visitors to Palmers Green's own mini-Kew Gardens.

elizabeth dobbie with the cup awarded to broomfield conservatory by enfield in bloom 2022

Conservatory group chair Elizabeth Dobbie shows off the Gold award presented by Enfield in Bloom

The conservatory group's chair, Elizabeth Dobbie, showed off yet another Gold award from Enfield in Bloom, this time for the 2022 competition. She also revealed that she is planning to open her own beautiful garden for a fundraising event this summer - her house is located within Arnos Park.

Rain dripping into strategically placed buckets reminded everyone at the celebration that the Conservatory, built 89 years ago, is badly in need of some attention to its fabric. Work has in fact already started, but is progressing rather slowly because of the bad weather. While work is carried out, the Conservatory will be closed on Wednesdays and opening on Sundays only, and once internal repainting starts, it will be closed on Sundays too. So get round their while you can, to see the Strelitzia (Bird of Paradise plants), which are currently in bloom (keen-eyed readers will be able to spot two of them in the photo at the top).

The conservatory volunteers are always on the look out for new people. It doesn't take up much time and is a great way of making new friends - see this article for information about what it involves.

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