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Enfield Council has announced the winners of bids for the first round of funding from the Enfield Neighbourhood Fund. Eight community groups and charities will receive £349,548 in total, with individual allocations being between £10,000 and £70,000.

Artist's impression of the planned new community hub at Firs Farm

Friends of Firs Farm have won funding for their Community Hub project. To ensure that this new facility is fully inclusive, it will incorporate a "changing places toilet"

The eight successful bids are as follows:

  • Edmonton Community Partnership: Funding for two new roles
  • Skills and Training Network: Skills and work placement programme
  • Enfield Methodist circuit, Trinity Church: Building of a new intergenerational neighbourhood community centre on the Elsinge Estate (EN1)
  • Chickenshed Theatre: New network hub (N14)
  • Hearts & Helpers: Opening up of allotment site to the community
  • Enfield Vineyard: Community gym cafe (EN2)
  • Friends of Firs Farm: A new on-site community hub (N21)
  • Tottenhall Recreation Ground: Improving equipment at the grounds including a new sensory area and climbing wall (N13).

The criteria used to choose between bids was that they should be innovative projects that will help reduce deprivation, improve the environment and widen access to opportunities, such as jobs, training and local services.

Bidding for the second round of Neighbourhood Fund money is due to take place in 2022. The total amount disbursed over the two rounds will be £1.4 million. The £1.4 million comprises the Neighbourhood Portion (15 per cent) of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) money paid by developers to Enfield Council since 2016. CIL is levied on most new developments, such as homes, retail and commercial developments. The bulk of CIL money is spent on major infrastructure projects (the Strategic Portion - 80 per cent).


Enfield Neighbourhood Fund distributes £350k to local groups (Enfield Council website 9 November 2021)

Community groups invited to bid for money for innovative projects Palmers Green Community 30 March 2021

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