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If you thought that the ceremony of the Palmers Scream in 2015 had finally taken away all the spookiness from Broomfield Park after dark... think again!

It's that time of year again, when things begin to go bump in the night. And especially in Broomfield Park.

So on Friday 27th October join Friends of Broomfield Park and Chickenshed Theatre for the spookiest family event of the year - a specially created site specific performance that answers the age old question “What is that that goes bump in the night?”

palmers scream friday only version

The Story

When little Tommy settles down for sleep on Halloween night, just as his eyes close, he hears the world outside come to life. With cats meowing, the wind howling through the trees, the sound of tiny voices and many a creak and a crack, all to the rhythm of a grandfather clock and of course not forgetting those bumps in the night.

Move around Broomfield Park in the dark to discover what each of these sounds really is, before witnessing a final performance that little Tommy will never forget.

Suitable for ages 4 - 10 with their families

Dress up for the event

Bring your spookiest outfits and makeup to scare away those things that go bump in the night.... Stay a while afterwards at the Palmers Greenery Cafe and talk about your adventures...

Find out more and book tickets

Remember the 2015 Palmers Scream?

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Read more about the 2015 Palmers Scream and the Book of Spooky Stories

Please note

This item has been amended to reflect the cancellation of the Saturday performances of Palmers Scream.

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