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Discussion by Full Council of the Enfield Local Plan has been postponed until 19th March.

Enfield Council was due to debate the local plan developed by officers and the council's cabinet at a meeting on Wednesday 6th March, and news that it had been postponed until Tuesday 19th March was posted on the council website only on Tuesday.

Council leader Nesil Caliskan is quoted on the council website as saying:

"I want to make sure that this process is as comprehensive and open as possible, ensuring councillors make the most informed decision with access to all the technical assessments that support the Local Plan.

“Therefore, I have asked officers to publish the supporting documents as soon as they are ready so they can be read alongside the draft Local Plan already published.

“I have also asked for the council debate to be moved to 19 March to give councillors and residents more time to consider the documents before Full Council. Should council approve the Plan, a public consultation will then commence on 28 March."

However, a report in Enfield Dispatch under the headline "Local Plan meeting postponed as Enfield Council accused of ‘holding back evidence'" says that the change of date "appears to be a U-turn". The council leader is now saying that councillors need to have access to all supporting evidence before the debate and vote, while previously this information was being withheld because "it could give a misleading and inaccurate impression".

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