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Green Belt

Scale of developer's 'vision' for building on green belt revealed

09 August 2023

Analysis of recently published inputs to the 2021 public consultation on the next Enfield Local Plan has revealed the scale of the ambitions of housing developers to build on extensive areas of land in the borough currently classified as Metropolitan Green Belt - but also among the submissions from developers there were some calling on the council to give preference to building on 'brownfield land', including sites in Palmers Green.

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Whitewebbs campaigners raising funds to mount legal challenge

30 May 2023

The Friends of Whitewebbs Park have launched a crowdfunder asking people to pledge money needed to mount a legal challenge to Enfield Council's apparent determination to lease more than half of the park to Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.

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Campaigners will 'have recourse to legal action if necessary' to defend public recreational rights at Whitewebbs

09 November 2022

Local campaigners have notified Enfield Council that in their view the planned leasing of a large part of Whitewebbs Park to Tottenham Hotspur Football Club is unlawful. They have warned both the council and the football club that they intend to enforce the rights of the public to make use of the land for recreation and will take legal action if necessary.

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Call for public to attend rescheduled local plan council debate

24 September 2022

The debate about a petition demanding adequate debate about the new Enfield Local Plan has been rescheduled and will now be held at 7pm on Wednesday 12th October at a newly convened meeting of Enfield Council. Campaigners are asking supporters to fill the public gallery and, if available, any overspill capacity in the Civic Centre.

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Local plan petitioners to put their case to Enfield Council

08 September 2022

As a result of their success in collecting signatures supporting a petition calling for a debate on the draft local plan in full council, the coalition of local groups behind the campaign have been invited to make their case at the next meeting of Enfield Council, on Wednesday 21st September.

Local plan petitioners hit signatures target

31 August 2022

With one day remaining before the 1st September deadline for residents to sign the Debate Enfield's Local Plan petition, signatures have already considerably exceeded the number required to force a debate about the local plan in full council.

Forcing the local plan process into the daylight: Sign the petition to Enfield Council

15 June 2022

In a bid to 'force the local plan process into the daylight', civic sector societies and community organisations in the borough have joined forces to launch a petition calling on Enfield Council to provide for thorough discussion of the revised draft local plan before it is submitted to the official government inspector. The deadline for adding your name to the petition is 31st July.

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Enfield sites among charity's list of threatened green spaces in London

04 April 2022

A new report by CPRE London lists more than 60 parks and green spaces in the capital which it says are under threat. The list includes Green Belt land in Enfield and the former Whitewebbs golf course.

Further criticism of Green Belt housing plans as consultation deadline nears

09 September 2021

In the run-up to the end of the current consultation phase for the Enfield Local Plan (the deadline is Monday 13th September), the Enfield Society has published its response to Enfield Council's draft document. While welcoming some aspects, the Society completely rejects the idea of housing or other types of development being built on all but a very few small parts of the borough's Green Belt land. Another newly published response, from Enfield Climate Action Forum, voices similar criticisms from a primarily environmental sustainability perspective.

Criticism of Green Belt housing proposals aired at climate forum meeting

04 August 2021

The July meeting of Enfield Climate Action Forum included presentations by Enfield Road Watch and Better Homes Enfield criticising Enfield Council's proposal to allow housing construction on Green Belt land.

Civic groups unite in opposition to council green belt and tall buildings plans

14 July 2021

With eight weeks remaining for residents to provide feedback on the draft Enfield Local Plan, two of the borough's civic groups have joined forces to campaign against the council's proposals to declassify several areas of green belt land in the borough to allow their use for large-scale housing developments. A third group says that the draft plan will not solve the borough's chronic shortage of family-sized and affordable homes.

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Confirmation that Enfield's Green Belt is threatened

03 June 2021

Draft Enfield Local Plan documentation published this week confirms that the administration in the Civic Centre envisages large-scale housebuilding on Green Belt land at Crews Hill and to the east of Trent Park.

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Threat to Enfield's Green Belt becomes a reality

26 May 2021

Developers' proposals to build up to 5000 new homes on farmland to the east of Trent Park have made it clear that concerns about the threat to Enfield's Green Belt land have not been exaggerated. The plans were revealed only a few days after a coalition of civic society groups issued a report labelling the idea of building homes on this protected land 'a huge mistake' and calling on concerned residents to write to their councillors and MPs expressing their opposition.

The next mayor should create a 'more natural capital'

02 April 2021

Ahead of the mayoral election on 6th May, a coalition of leading environmental groups have published a joint manifesto outlining ambitious programmes of action needed to reduce pollution and waste, improve health and wellbeing, secure nature's recovery and increase resilience to climate change. There will be an opportunity to discuss these proposals with the candidates at the Mayoral Environment Debate, which will take place online on 12th April.

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Draft Blue and Green Strategy 'worthy and ambitious', but fears for future of Green Belt remain

19 December 2020

A campaigning group set up to defend the borough's green belt and open spaces has published its submission to the council's consultation on a new 'blue and green strategy' for Enfield. While calling it 'ambitious with some worthy goals', Enfield RoadWatch is concerned about omissions from the draft - in particular with regard to agriculture and horticulture - and remains anxious about the possibility of development on Green Belt land. It is encouraging individual residents to register these concerns when responding to the consultation, which runs until 11th January.

Campaigning groups question need to build on Green Belt

13 February 2019

Ahead of the deadline for submitting responses to the draft Enfield Local Plan, three campaigning groups have come together to release a report which questions the need to build on Green Belt land in order to provide sufficient new housing in the borough.

Green Belt defenders warn that Enfield Road fields are still threatened

27 April 2016

The leaders of a campaign to prevent development of Green Belt land between Oakwood and Enfield Town are warning that, despite the withdrawal of proposals to build houses, the fields are still threatened.  They have been seeking support from candidates for the Mayor of London and GLA members, as well as other local politicians. Enfield RoadWatch Action Group's latest update points out that Enfield Academy is continuing to press for the construction of a new school on the site, which is.......

CPRE calls on Londoners to oppose proposed weakening of Green Belt principles

17 February 2016

The Council for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) is calling on Londoners to object to the government's proposals to allow more housebuilding in the Green Belt. The CPRE these days extends its coverage to the big cities, in particular London, and even has a division called CPRE London.  CPRE London recently issued an urgent call to the public to respond to the current government consultation on changes to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) by indicating their opposition to.......

Preparing for the future: Enfield starts work on a new Local Plan

31 December 2015

This article was updated on 7th January to include the two new dates for information events Over the next 15 years Enfield's population is expected to increase by more than a fifth.  A key aspect of the new Local Plan that Enfield Council has begun developing is where to locate new housing, schools,  employment sites, transport infrastructure and community facilities to provide for the additional people.  To help the planning process the Council is currently running a.......

Green Belt to be discussed at this week's Council meeting

09 November 2015

Subjects on the agenda for this Wednesday's meeting of the full Enfield Council include protection of Green Belt land within the borough, gambling policy and progress on prevention of child sexual exploitation. The Green Belt is the subject of two items: presentation of a petition from Enfield RoadWatch in opposition to proposals to build housing and a school on land to the south of Enfield Road (between Oakwood and Enfield Town), followed by discussion of the subject matter discussion of a.......

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