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We live in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, but hundreds of thousands of people here in the UK are going without the essentials we all need to get by. The Trussel Trust, which runs foodbanks, is asking everyone to take action by contacting their MP.

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Following the announcement earlier this year that primary school children in London will receive free school meals, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, in partnership with the Mayor's Fund for London and the Felix Project, will be helping with emergency food provision during the school holidays.

In the face of unprecedented demand, Cooking Champions have introduced new procedures for their food bank and are appealing for more volunteers and donations.

The Big Issue Group has launched a campaign demanding long-term solutions to protect future generations and break the cycle of poverty. An open letter to the government has been signed by politicians from across the political spectrum as well as by other people from all walks of life.

End Child Poverty wants to hear from people aged 16 to 25 who live in the UK, to find out what impact the rising cost of living is having on you - and those you live with.

Cooking Champions are supporting 200 families across the borough, but their stocks are very low. Please donate items.

Ahead of May's council elections, the London Child Poverty Alliance are asking all those hoping to be elected or re-elected as councillors or mayors to publicly commit to working towards a child poverty free London.

A charity set up to defend UK children who are growing up in poverty has called on the government to do more to protect 3.6 million children in families living on universal credit from the effects of sharp rises in the cost of food, energy and other basic essentials.

A newspaper article has a photograph of the interior of St John's Church in Palmers Green piled high with boxes containing donations for Afghan refugees to this country. The church is continuing to provide meals to the hungry - more than 450 a week.

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Overstretched local councils provide the safety net in our broken renting system. They step in when private renting fails to protect renters who are unfairly evicted from their homes, faced with homelessness or living in dangerous conditions. A register would help councils better enforce the law when things go wrong.