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Public Health

Crying out for Equal Health: Charities unite to call on the next government to end 'scandalous' life expectancy disparities

03 July 2024

A group that brings together 27 charities is calling on the next government to fix "stark health inequalities" that are cutting thousands of lives short across the UK every year.

Dementia Action Week in Enfield

13 May 2024

The nationwide Dementia Action Week takes place this year between 13th and 19th May. In Enfield the organisations working together in the Enfield Dementia Network are running help and awareness raising events throughout the week.

How can we improve NHS services for Enfield residents?

21 February 2024

Enfield's NHS 'watchdog' invites us to its annual conference next month. Its priority is improving access to GP appointments - but can it really do anything about this?

Getting around the clean, green way: hear from parents determined to make streets safer for their kids (and all of us)

14 February 2024

At their open online meeting next Tuesday, Better Streets for Enfield's special guest will be the founder of Mum's for Lungs. We'll also hear about the big women's cycle ride around central London that's coming up on 3rd March and how you can get to the ride safely from Enfield and Palmers Green, thanks to trained ride marshals from Enfield Cycling Campaign and Edmonton-based London Cycling Club.

What are your health and wellbeing priorities for 2024?

22 November 2023

The borough's health services watchdog, Healthwatch Enfield, is conducting an online survey to determine what areas it should focus on during 2024.

What issues concern PG residents most?

09 November 2023

In the run-up to the first Palmers Green local community hub, Enfield Climate Action Forum has published a list of the issues that most concern people. The full timetable for the hub has now been published, along with details of the discussion leaders and the topics.

Warning that low vaccination rates could lead to measles epidemic among London children and 19 to 25 year olds

26 July 2023

Parents and people aged between 19 and 25 are being warned of a possible measles epidemic in London unless there is more uptake of the MMR vaccination.

Don't let dementia just creep up on you and your loved ones

10 May 2023

This year's Dementia Action Week, starting on 15th May, will see a series of special events in Enfield run by organisations that belong to Enfield Dementia Alliance.

Carbon monoxide warning after PG residents nearly killed by neighbour's open fire

16 January 2023

Following an incident in Palmers Green 'which could have had deadly consequences', London Fire Brigade have issued a warning about the risks of carbon monoxide fumes produced by poorly maintained fires.

Read the full article and forum comments

Covid reaches record heights in the UK

17 July 2022

The government evidently doesn't want people to know that there are currently record high levels of Covid-19 in the UK - one in ten under 18s have the disease. Watch this video for information and advice from Professor Tim Spector.

Read the full article and forum comments

Blinded by the sun?

13 July 2022

Enfield Over 50s Forum has issued advice for older people on surviving the temperatures that we will be experiencing this week, while Green MP Caroline Lucas comments on the "delusional" behaviour of the candidates to be next prime minister who are proposing reducing efforts to stave off disastrous climate change. "Has the sun," she asks, "blinded their eyes to the climate science?"

Twalk your way to a healthier and happier life

24 May 2022

Walk and talk your way to a healthier and happier life for you and your friends as you take a virtual journey from Enfield Town to England's highest mountain. The Enfield Twalking Challenge starts at the end of May and you have two months to reach the top of Scafell Pike. Just what the doctor ordered!

Read the full article and forum comments

Friday is Great Mental Health Day in London

26 January 2022

This Friday is Great Mental Health Day in London. Watch these three short videos to find out more (the third one is the most inspirational!)

Covid researcher: 'We're in a bad place'

25 October 2021

In this most recent YouTube update, Professor Tim Spector from the Zoe Covid Symptom Study gives a very downbeat assessment of the current status of the pandemic and anti-Covid measures in England. The title he has assigned to this episode - 'Freedom fails as COVID cases surge amidst new variant' - presumably reflects what he thinks, but doesn't say overtly, about the effect of declaring 'Freedom Day' and the subsequent 'complacency' leading to abandonment of masking and social distancing by a significant proportion of the population.

A message from the London Regional Director of Public Health

25 October 2021

'With winter rapidly approaching and the potential for more social mixing over half-term, it's important Londoners step up their action to prevent catching and spreading Covid.'

Local survey: Are you experiencing Long COVID?

20 October 2021

Healthwatch Enfield is collaborating with sister organisations in four other north London boroughs to survey people's experiences of Long COVID with the aim of supporting the development of services and systems that will help those with the condition manage their symptoms.

Tailored fitness sessions for women recovering from cancer treatment

20 October 2021

Age UK Enfield have launched a new service for women over 50 living in Enfield or Haringey who are recovering from cancer treatment. This Girl Can, which is funded by Sport England, provides a series of exercise sessions, trying out different sessions each week, with the aim of building self confidence and wellbeing.

This girl can!

14 September 2021

Are you a woman over 50 in Enfield, recovering from illness or Cancer? Ready to get moving and get a confidence boost? Join us for 12 FREE fitness sessions to boost self confidence and wellbeing, improve fitness, energy levels, strength, balance and coordination.

'To all the primary and secondary school children in London, we need your help!'

08 September 2021

The London Child Obesity Task Force wants to get all primary and secondary school children across London to only drink water when they're in school. This would put an end to selling and drinking fizzy drinks in London's schools. They are running a competition asking primary and secondary school children to help develop an advertising campaign - one that can inspire everyone between the ages of 4 and 18 in London to drink only water in school.

Cervical cancer prevention and the mayoral candidates

05 May 2021

Earlier this year a cross-party group from Enfield Council organised an online conference on the subject of cervical cancer awareness. Following the conference the organisers wrote to candidates standing for election as the next Mayor of London asking them to do a short video endorsement of the aims of the conference and of the importance of screening to catch any signs of cancer at an early stage. Rather disappointingly, only one of the candidates sent in a video - Sian Berry from the Green Party

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