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A message to schoolkids from the London Child Obesity Taskforce.

The challenge

We are asking primary and secondary school children to help develop an advertising campaign - one that can inspire everyone between the ages of 4 and 18 in London to drink only water in school. We want this to be a message ‘from the young people of London, for the young people of London’. It should feel inspiring and powerful but also honest about the benefits.

What are we trying to do?

promoting drinking water

The Mayor of London has appointed us, London’s child obesity taskforce, to make sure every child in London has every opportunity to be healthy.

This year, supported by the Mayor, our aim is to get all primary and secondary school children across London to only drink water when they’re in school. This would put an end to selling and drinking fizzy drinks in London’s schools.

Why do we need your help?

ideas to promote water to children

Well, how did you feel when you read that? Did it make you think “no problem, I only drink water anyway”, or did you think “Eugh — no way, water is horrible”?

This is why we need your help. All of you have different views, but overwhelmingly scientists, teachers and sports experts tell us that water has enormous benefits over other drinks.

Find out more about the competition

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