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What is the best treatment for low back pain?

31 January 2024

The UK population and the NHS are suffering from an epidemic of back pain, caused, among other things, by unhealthy lifestyles and working from home. Local therapist Steven Murdoch has some advice on how we can help our bodies - and our minds - overcome low back pain.

Local resident's bilingual book examines mind-body health

03 January 2024

A locally based sports and life coach is publishing a not-for-profit 'community wellness book' in both English and Turkish.

An invitation to 'change your angle of view, go outside and look beyond colour'

06 November 2023

As autumn's last flourish of colour is replaced and the world around us desaturates, Palmers Green photographer Cliff Docherty is inviting us to celebrate this new monochrome environment, and at the same time help boost our physical and mental wellbeing, by contributing black and white photographs to his new exhibition at the Dugdale Arts Centre.

Walk this way for wellness

03 August 2022

If you've ever chanced upon a group of people walking round Broomfield Park using long poles and wondered what they were up to, the answer is Nordic Walking. Are the claimed benefits of this type of exercise real, or just another fad?

North London shoulder pain massage study

06 July 2022

In the autumn Palmers Green-based massage therapist Steven Murdoch will be carrying out a study on chronic shoulder pain, exploring the effectiveness of Jing Method™ clinical massage in adults. He's inviting chronic shoulder pain sufferers who meet certain criteria to participate for free.

Spread a little wellbeing!

01 June 2022

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Anne Nicholls' work to relieve period poverty, both initially in Kenya, and more recently in Enfield. Later this month she's off to Kenya to continue her work, but before that, on 12th June, in conjunction with Jackie Lee of North London Yoga, she's running a Wellbeing Day at Mayfield Tennis Club. They've invited lots of small, local businesses to join them and share their expertise on fitness, healing, health or general wellbeing.