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Some brief updates on the general subject of waste collections and recycling.

Collection of additional bags of waste

It was confirmed during the Enfield Climate Action Forum today that the arrangement for collection of additional waste bags during the lockdown is as follows:

  • Blue-topped wheelie bin weeks: the council will collect flattened cardboard packaging left next to the bin
  • Black-topped wheelie bin weeks: the council will collect up to two standard-size black bags of non-recyclable waste (they will be collected separately, by the street cleaning team)
  • Green-topped bins: No arrangements for additional bags of garden waste
  • Brown kitchen waste bins: No change.


Use the Report a Problem page on the council website rather than messaging councillor. The service reportely works quickly and well.

Recyling hard plastic items

In response to a request from Cllr Dinah Barry, the following statement has been issued by the Strategic Waste and Recycling Manager:

Hard plastics has been a regular topic at our contractual management meetings with Suez [the contractor running the Barrowell Green centre; and although the recycling of hard plastics is a contractual requirement, we have had to review the position in line with current markets.

Markets are dynamic and have changed since the letting of the Suez contract. During our discussions, two options where proposed: to stockpile the material until an offtaker was found, or make the unfortunate, but operationally sensible decision to divert as much reusable hard plastic to the Revive shop, and anything broken or damaged would be sent for energy recovery.

The latter was the decision we took, with feedback from our partners at NLWA and LEL who are also facing the same challenges with the recycling of hard plastics.

On a positive note, Suez are still achieving their 65% contractual recycling target each year.  Further, Suez have been open to adding new materials for recycling at the [Barrowell Green] RRC as outlets become available that they are not contractually obliged to take and through working together we have been able to expand other areas of recycling from the site and this has included the recycling of mattresses, carpet and paint.

We do accept plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays at Barrowell Green; there are containers on site and these have been in place since the new year.

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