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A report prepared for the leader of Enfield Council, Cllr Nesil Caliskan, recommends that she gives the go-ahead for the low-traffic neighbourhood in Bowes ward to be made permanent.

The report, written by healthy streets programme director Richard Eason, is based on data collected during trial operation, which began in August 2020, and feedback from the public and official bodies such as the emergency services and Transport for London. It says that the scheme should continue as currently laid out, but with one change - replacing the physical "filter" (ie bollards) at the junction of Maidstone Road and Warwick Road by a camera-controlled filter to allow emergency vehicles through and, potentially, to allow disabled people to enter and exit the LTN more directly.

Enfield Dispatch editor James Cracknell has published a very thorough summary of the report along with comments from opposition councillors. The full report plus annexes containing the data (around 500 pages in total) are available on the council website.

It is unclear when the council leader will make her decision and it is likely that, if she goes along with the recommendation, opposition groups on the council will "call in" the decision, meaning that it will be debated by the council.

The report was published only a few days after Haringey Council announced that it would be beginning trial operation of an LTN in Bounds Green, much of which will be closely integrated with Enfield Council's Bowes scheme.

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