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Quieter Neighbourhoods - Bowes

Council seeking views on Journeys & Places projects in the Bowes area

15 March 2023

Enfield Council is seeking residents' views on two projects within the Bowes Primary quieter neighbourhood. One will create a walking and cycling route between the two low-traffic neighbourhoods on either side of Brownlow Road; the other involves creating 'a space for people to enjoy' at the junction of Maidstone Road and Warwick Road.

Council leader approves LTN changes, but court decision still awaited

03 November 2022

As opponents and supporters of active travel measures anxiously await the outcome of a legal case against the Fox Lane LTN, the leader of Enfield Council has approved implementation of recommendations for changes to both the Fox Lane and the Bowes LTNs designed to improve access for people with disabilities.

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Council planning changes to low-traffic schemes

23 March 2022

Enfield Council is planning to make changes to the Fox Lane and Bowes low-traffic LTNs, aimed at easing access for disabled people and emergency services. Some bollards will be replaced by camera-controlled restrictions and blue badge holders and dial-a-ride buses will be allowed to drive past them. In addition, the council is seeking views on the future of the restriction in Meadway and about possibly switching the access points for the Bowes LTN.

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Council leader approves making Bowes LTN scheme permanent

06 January 2022

Enfield Council leader Nesil Caliskan has approved making the Bowes low-traffic neighbourhood scheme permanent and the decision will come into effect on 12th January, subject to the outcome of a likely 'call-in' by opposition councillors. A neighbouring scheme to be trialled by Haringey Council, possibly as early as this month or next, will expand the scheme down to Bounds Green Road.

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Report recommends making Bowes LTN permanent

15 December 2021

A report prepared for the leader of Enfield Council, Cllr Nesil Caliskan, recommends that she gives the go-ahead for the low-traffic neighbourhood in Bowes ward to be made permanent.

A new opportunity to comment on the Bowes LTN trial

01 November 2021

Enfield Council is inviting 'final comments' on the low-traffic neighbourhood (LTN) trial in the west of Bowes ward - formally referred to as the Bowes Primary Area Quieter Neighbourhood. Comments must be made by email or post and the deadline is 21st November.

Bowes low-traffic neighbourhood trial to continue

21 June 2021

Enfield's Cabinet has agreed to prolong the trial of the low-traffic neighbourhood scheme in the Bowes Primary Quieter Neighbourhood. An interim report on the progress of the scheme was prepared for the meeting and can be viewed online, along with annexes presenting information about consultation feedback and other data collected during monitoring of the scheme. Cooperation with Haringey Council, who are creating an adjoining LTN, may lead to an alternative design that could provide a better solution for both Enfield and Haringey

Connaught Gardens and Bowes quieter neighbourhoods update

12 May 2021

In response to questions from Palmers Green Community, deputy council leader Ian Barnes has provided some updates on the status of the Connaught Gardents quieter neighbourhood scheme plus a couple of points about the Bowes scheme.

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Mayor of London questioned about Bowes low-traffic neighbourhood scheme

04 November 2020

On 26th October a GLA session included a question to the Mayor of London about the Bowes low-traffic neighbourhood scheme.

Bowes low-traffic neighbourhood work starts amid protests

19 August 2020

Work to create the Bowes Primary Area low-traffic neighbourhood has begun amid protests from people calling for prior consultation about the scheme, designed to prevent through traffic from using the area while retaining access by car to all addresses. Enfield Council should know next week whether or not funding will be provided for a bus gate in Brownlow Road. Haringey Council has informed residents that it is proposing low-traffic neighbourhoods in Bounds Green and in the Bowes Park area. (This article has been amended to correct information about the demonstration and the aims of the petition.)

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Details of Bowes low-traffic neighbourhood scheme published

21 July 2020

Leaflets have this week been dropping through letterboxes in streets which come within the planned Bowes Primary & Surrounding Streets Quieter Neighbourhood Area - ie streets in Bowes ward west of Green Lanes and a few in Southgate Green ward that are south or east of the North Circular Road. They show the council's plans to exclude through traffic from streets in the area - one of several emergency Covid-19 Streetspace schemes in the borough that are being funded by the Department for Transport (DfT) either directly or via Transport for London (TfL).

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'A cry from the heart of Bowes'

26 May 2020

Residents of streets to the south of Bowes Road, particularly those living in Brownlow Road, Warwick Road and nearby streets, have come together to launch a campaign to prevent traffic in the area building up to the unacceptably high levels that were normal prior to the Covid-19 lockdown. Their proposal is to create a low-traffic neighbourhood to prevent use of roads in the area as a cut-through. The campaign, under the slogan 'A Bus Gate for Brownlow?', has won the support of Better Streets for Enfield, who promote the idea of creating people-friendly streets across the entire borough.