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overview map of north middlesex hospital active travel improvementsThe North Middlesex Hospital active travel improvements scheme extends the existing A1010S to North Middlesex Hospital cycle route (the boxed area on the map) southwards along Bull Lane past the hospital (click on the map to download a full-size version)

Opposition councillors have "called in" decisions by the leader of Enfield Council to make two active travel schemes permanent: the Fox Lane low-traffic neighbourhood and a scheme in Upper Edmonton providing a safe cycling route along a half kilometre stretch of Bull Lane. The North Middlesex Hospital Active Travel Improvements scheme links to measures already in place further north - the A1010S to North Middlesex Hospital Cycle Route and the cycle lanes along the A1010 (Fore Street/Hertford Road).

As a result of the call-ins, the decisions will be discussed at a meeting of the overview and scrutiny committee on 28th February.

The same meeting will also discuss a petition submitted to the council with 3159 signatories:


We the undersigned petition the Council to take down the flower beds and wooden blocks in the middle of the road for all of the palmers green and Winchmore Hill area (such as Selbourne road, Meadway, the Mall, Ring Wood Way).

The borough has already invested in a bike lane for the entire length of green lanes which is barely ever used by cyclists.

Now, between 8-9 roads in our immediate area are blocked or have restrictions in place to prevent cars (including disabled road users in motability cars) from driving through roads which we have always used. Bambos Charalambous MP for Enfield advised this is due to the “healthy streets” scheme by the council who have not sent any letters to residents before installing this changes to the roads with consultation due to start on October 12th despite already installing these without the consultation of us residents.

Stopping free moving cars from driving through roads means they are now diverted into huge lengthy traffic jams on main roads which are now worse than ever and the constant stop and start is releasing far greater emissions when there is zero need to do this.

Regarding “quieter roads”, people who live in london should never expect the quiet life that the countryside can offer and we shouldn’t be forced to change our local way of life for the few residents who want a quiet road. They should also look at moving to locations on private roads where they won’t be faced with free moving cars.

In the case of the two called-in decisions, the committee can

  1. Refer the decision back to the council leader for reconsideration, setting out in writing the nature of its concerns.
  2. Refer the matter to full Council; or
  3. Confirm the original decision.

In the case of the petition, the committee can decide either to take no action or to make recommendations for further consideration to the decision maker.

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PGC Webmaster's Avatar
PGC Webmaster posted a reply #6397 02 Mar 2022 23:50

Enfield Council’s second low-traffic neighbourhood (LTN) trial scheme will be made permanent after opposition councillors failed to force a rethink of the scheme.

Labour members of the council’s overview and scrutiny committee backed leader Nesil Caliskan’s decision to make the Fox Lane Area Quieter Neighbourhood permanent during a meeting on Monday. However, changes to the LTN are now being considered by the council to address problems encountered during the trial period.

Read the full report on the Enfield Dispatch website.