Quieter Neighbourhoods

Fox Lane quieter neighbourhood baseline data showing speeds and total vehicle counts over a one week period. The data was collected in November and December 2018.

Newly published traffic count data for a second residential street in the Fox Lane neighbourhood confirms what its residents know only too well - that up to 400 vehicles an hour are using it as a cut-through and that, even though the street is short and has a sharp bend, there is widespread disregard for the speed limit.

Traffic count data recently published on the Cycle Enfield website gives a clear picture of the sheer amount of traffic using residential streets in the Fox Lane neighbourhood and of the prevalence of speeding. The data was collected prior to the start of the phased installation of planters partially blocking the ends of many of the roads that intersect with Fox Lane and will be compared with data to be collected later this month and then after the installation of all elements of the Fox Lane Quieter Neighbourhood scheme.

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Traffic count data for Grovelands Road collected during a week in December 2018 has provided hard evidence about the large amount of traffic using this residential street and the number of drivers who are breaking the 30mph speed limit. Every day some 1,300 vehicles used the road. Nine people were recorded driving at more than 50mph, including three who were doing more than 60mph. The highest speed recorded was 70.4mph.

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Clare Rogers of Better Streets for Enfield reports back from a seminar on the low traffic neighbourhoods concept hosted by the Urban Design Group and London Living Streets.