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Road safety

When we design streets for children, we create places that work better for everyone

12 June 2024

The national charity Living Streets is calling on the public to write to election candidates asking them to support policies that will create child-friendly streets. They have designed a door hanger for people to download that will help get the message to candidates and political parties.

Safer roads campaigners ask: Where's the Plan for Pedestrians?

23 March 2024

The 20's Plenty for Us campaign has published its response to recently issued government guidance on setting local speed limits, accusing the Department for Transport of misrepresenting data on pedestrian fatalities when hit by a vehicle travelling at speeds between 20 and 30mph. The 'Plan for Drivers', it says, will discriminate against pedestrians, cyclists, children, the elderly and the disabled.

Women cyclists call for freedom to ride without fear of injury or abuse

05 March 2024

Women from Palmers Green were among more than a thousand participants in last Sunday's Women's Freedom Ride, organised by the London Cycling Campaign as part of a campaign calling on the Mayor of London, Metropolitan Police and London boroughs to take stronger measures so that women can cycle on London's road without facing the levels of danger and abuse that they do currently.

Delivering the Mayor of London's transport strategy in Enfield

28 February 2024

Transport for London has allocated just over £3.8m to Enfield Council in 2024/25 to fund projects which will help deliver the Mayor of London's ambitions for improvements in road safety and better conditions for walking and cycling.

Survey reveals the shocking hostile environment facing women cyclists in London

17 January 2024

A new survey has revealed the shocking level of abuse and aggression shown towards women cyclists in London by other road users. The group that commissioned it, London Cycling Campaign, say this is a prime reason why, compared to men, so few women use this inexpensive and environmentally friendly method of transport.

Borough's most dangerous junctions revealed

15 November 2023

New research methodology has identified the junctions in Enfield and other London boroughs which are the most hazardous for vulnerable road users: walkers, wheelers and cyclists.

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Public meetings put dealing with car meets and boy racers on the agenda

11 October 2023

Two recent public meetings have raised the profile of complaints about car 'meets', 'boy racers' and speeding on the A10 and elsewhere. They have already led to some action being taken, but do the police and council have the resources and powers (and determination) required to resolve this longstanding issue?

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Time to update fines for parking and moving traffic offences?

02 August 2023

The umbrella body London Councils is reviewing the penalty charges for contravening parking, bus lane and moving traffic regulations in the capital and has launched a public consultation.

Campaigners call on TfL for more time to cross North Circular near Bowes School

27 May 2023

Parents of children attending Bowes primary school say that a nearby toucan crossing on the North Circular Road is 'dangerous' because it does not give pedestrians enough time to cross.

Petition: A zebra crossing for Hoppers Road

22 May 2023

A new online petition is calling for installation of a zebra crossing on Hopper Road, Winchmore Hill, near the junction with Downes Court.

Council consulting on PG - Firs Farm - Pymmes Park active travel link

17 May 2023

The latest link to be consulted on in Enfield Council's planned network of active travel routes runs between Old Park Road in Palmers Green and Pymmes Park in Upper Edmonton via Barrowell Green, Firs Farm, Latymer School and Haselbury.

Eight-year-old dies after being hit by car in Winchmore Hill

01 May 2023

An 8-year-old boy pedestrian was killed in a collision in Green Lanes, Winchmore Hill, on Friday 28th April.

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New active travel route to link PG with Arnos Grove and New Southgate

19 April 2023

Enfield Council's Journeys & Places team is seeking community input into early work on the design of an active travel (walking and cycling) route between Palmers Green, Arnos Grove and New Southgate stations. Residents are being invited to contribute by adding annotated pins to an interactive online map of a suggested route designed to use mainly quiet streets. The deadline for responding via the map is 7th May.

Council proposing new active travel route through Palmers Green

04 April 2023

Enfield Council's recently announced plans for a new cycling and walking route will mean that the important shopping, travel and employment hub at Southgate Circus will for the first time be safely accessible by bike from the Fox Lane LTN and Palmers Green. However, continuing the route east of PG to the Cambridge Roundabout will require bold measures to make Hazelwood Lane safe for cycling.

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Council seeking views on Journeys & Places projects in the Bowes area

15 March 2023

Enfield Council is seeking residents' views on two projects within the Bowes Primary quieter neighbourhood. One will create a walking and cycling route between the two low-traffic neighbourhoods on either side of Brownlow Road; the other involves creating 'a space for people to enjoy' at the junction of Maidstone Road and Warwick Road.

Join the Women's Freedom Ride!

22 February 2023

Women (and their allies) will be pedalling around the streets of central London in their thousands on Sunday 5th March. The occasion? In the run-up to International Women's Day a chance to get together and have a lot of fun, but also to send a serious message to the Mayor and council leaders throughout the capital about the gender gap in safe cycling provision.

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How do we share equitably the public spaces between buildings that we call streets?

08 August 2022

Rod King, the founder of 20's Plenty for Us, sets out the case for a standard urban and village speed limit of 20mph and describes the road to getting there.

What future for e-scooters in London?

31 May 2022

E-scooters could play a role in ensuring a green and sustainable future for London, helping people to use private cars less. Yet many worry about their use, fearing an increase in accidents and reduction in physical activity.

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Cabinet asked to approve Healthy Streets Framework

13 June 2021

At their meeting on Wednesday 16th June Enfield's Cabinet will be invited to endorse a newly drafted Healthy Streets Framework, intended for use in developing and delivering Healthy Streets projects designed to enable more walking and cycling and reduce road danger.

Climate Safe Streets

04 May 2021

For transport to become environmentally sustainable we need to shift a significant proportion of journeys to non-polluting modes - walking, cycling or public transport. But doing so can also improve our environment in other ways, making it safer, cleaner, quieter, more sociable. A short film, partly filmed in Palmers Green, gives a glimpse of how we can have better streets.