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The national charity Living Streets celebrates National Walking Month every May. This year its Walking Ambassador is TV presenter Kate Humble.  In this short video she outlines some of the many benefits of walking, both as a means of transport - getting from A to B - and as an activity for its own sake.

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Julia Mountain's Avatar
Julia Mountain posted a reply #4523 09 May 2019 06:34
Walking more is a great idea and I have benefited from walking more myself. I am surprised the video missed out one important benefit of more of us walking about, which is that it makes antisocial and criminal behaviour trickier to carry out. Not because we might act as vigilantes but simply because wrongdoers prefer not to be observed. For years the public has asked for more 'bobbies on the beat' - well we should all walk around our local area more too. I raised this with police at a recent ward forum and was pleased that they agreed that having more of us walking around is good for all of us.