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Broomfield House

Lottery to provide the first of the keys needed to 'unlock' Broomfield House

16 January 2024

Enfield Council has been awarded more than half a million pounds of lottery money to pay for the first phase of its project to 'unlock Broomfield Park for the community', which includes 'memorializing' Broomfield House.

What next for Broomfield House and Park?

18 September 2023

Enfield Council has submitted a bid for heritage lottery funding for the development stage of its plans for Broomfield House and Park, which would see the remains of the derelict mansion dismantled and 'memorialised' and landscaping of parts of the park to reflect its history. Community involvement is envisaged throughout the project, which would take until 2028 to complete.

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'Unlocking' and 'reconnecting' Broomfield House and Park

12 July 2023

Enfield Council is inviting local people to help develop ideas for improving Broomfield Park and 'memorialising' Broomfield House ahead of submitting an application for lottery funding in August.

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You're invited to an Open Day in Broomfield Park

14 June 2023

Curious about what that busy bunch of people, Friends of Broomfield Park, have been up to, and what their future plans are? Then come along to their Open Day on Sunday..

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A glimpse inside Broomfield House and other park news

07 March 2023

Recent news items posted on the Friends of Broomfield Park's website include updates on plans to memorialise Broomfield House and to refill the model boating pond, plus the story of local characters Julia, Caesar, Dozy, Beaky and Titch and their successful campaign to defend themselves from a lonely outsider.

Broomfield Park's many friends at hand

16 November 2022

In 2021/22 Friends of Broomfield Park volunteers put in more than nine thousand hours of unpaid work to improve the park and help local communities.

Enfield Council's new proposals for Broomfield House and Broomfield Park

10 October 2022

Enfield Council has now shared a document with the Broomfield House Trust and the Friends of Broomfield Park which outlines the scope of a bid to the National Lottery Heritage Fund for funding new proposals for Broomfield House and Park.

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The future of Broomfield House: Back on the agenda?

06 October 2021

There have been signs this week that Enfield Council has moved the question of the future of Broomfield House out of the Pending (or Too Difficult) tray, where it had been gathering dust for many months, and into the For Action tray.

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A mulberry tree, the richest man in England, and Broomfield House

07 January 2020

On 7th January a group of the Friends of Broomfield Park and the Broomfield House Trust met to unveil a plaque recording the planting in 2010 of a mulberry tree in Broomfield Park by local historian Peter Brown. This may nitially seem slightly eccentric, but it has its roots in the history of Broomfield House

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Future of Broomfield House: Developments over last twelve months

26 August 2019

The Annual General Meeting of the Broomfield House Trust will be held next Tuesday at 7.30pm at the Ruth Winston Centre. Ahead of the meeting the Trust's chair, Colin Younger, has issued his annual report. As outlined in the report, the current most optimistic scenario for the rebuilding of Broomfield House is restoration of the complete exterior of the building with only very limited fitting out of the interior, to incorporate a cafe. Enfield Council support this, but only on condition that the costs of this work are completely covered by money earned by building housing in the Stableyard.

Broomfield House: Important update

10 May 2019

Enfield Council has issued an important statement about the future of Broomfield House and stableyard. Read the statement plus comments from the Broomfield House Trust and Friends of Broomfield Park representatives who have been invoved in the discussions.

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The 'last hope' for Broomfield House

19 September 2018

Colin Younger, chair of the Broomfield House Trust, writes that the current marketing of the house and stableyard to developers as a 'restoration and development opportunity' is the last hope for Broomfield House.

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Revealing the hidden treasures of Broomfield House and Park

24 July 2018

This Saturday sees the launch of the long awaited exhibition about Broomfield House and the surrounding park, organised jointly by Enfield Museum and the Broomfield House Trust. The exhibition runs until 6th January 2019 at the Dugdale Centre.

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Friends of Broomfield Park update on current projects

30 May 2018

A summary of information from the open meeting of the Friends of Broomfield Park held on 21st May 2018

Broomfield House and Park: Your memories wanted!

21 February 2018

The Broomfield House Trust and Enfield Museum Service have agreed to hold a joint exhibition, "Hidden Treasures: Revealing Broomfield House", at the Dugdale Centre in Enfield from 23 July 2018 until 6 January 2019. The Broomfield House Trust will be using donations and a grant from the Enfield Society to fund the restoration and display of the Minerva panel of the Lanscroon Murals, which will be the centre piece of the display. We are awaiting formal permission from Enfield Counci,l who "own".......

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Future of Broomfield House as seen by Enfield Council and the Broomfield House Trust

30 October 2017

At its meeting on 18th October, Councillor Dinah Barry updated Enfield Council's Cabinet on the situation regarding the future of Broomfield House. Below we reproduce the relevant section of the draft minutes of the Cabinet meeting, along with a commentary by Colin Younger, Chair of the Broomfield House Trust. Excerpt from draft minutes of Cabinet meeting on 18 October 2017 BROOMFIELD HOUSE Councillor Dinah Barry (Associate Cabinet Member - Enfield West) gave a verbal update to Members.......

You could help revive a goddess!

09 October 2017

The Broomfield House Trust has launched a crowdfunding campaign aimed at raising £10,000 to be used to restore a section of the Lanscroon murals that were salvaged from Broomfield House after the first fire in 1984. Help bring Minerva to life! Broomfield House is a beautiful Grade II* listed 16th century building, the centrepiece of Broomfield Park in Palmers Green. It was badly damaged by fire some 20 years ago. It remains held up by scaffolding and awaits restoration. This is now.......

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Broomfield House Trust update on the restoration project

26 August 2017

Colin Younger, Chair of the Broomfield House Trust, updates us on the progress of efforts to restore the House.Broomfield House Trust members met with Enfield Council officers on 23 August to discuss thinking on a way ahead on the reconstruction of the House and stableyard.  This follows structural engineers' re-examination of the House's remains and further cost estimates for potential work.On behalf of the Broomfield House TrustThe Art of Gerard Lanscroonwith ML.......

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Calling local artists and teachers: Create a schools art project to help the Broomfield House Trust

27 July 2017

The Lanscroon Murals in Broomfield House before the fires. The staircase at the Beaumont Care Home in Southgate also has murals by the same artist. The Broomfield House Trust is hoping to work with local artists, teachers and schoolchildren on a project that would promote a lifelong love of art and learning while at the same time contributing to the Trust's multipronged efforts to raise funds to restore Broomfield House. The project would be be run along similar lines to Take One.......

Broomfield House - latest news

28 August 2016

Enfield Council has just posted on its website a comprehensive set of documents prepared for the Broomfield House Partnership Boards’ [1] consideration of the future of the House [2] and Stableyard. These can be read as they stand, but in order to better understand these papers, it might be helpful to summarise how we got here. As well as the House, the Conservation Management Plan considers the Stables and the Park as a wholeRecent Plans A number of earlier plans proposed by Enfield.......

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