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A message from Mums for Lungs to all their supporters:

Dear friends, and friends of clean air,

I am emailing you today about the most important consultation on air pollution of the year, perhaps the decade: As you might know, the goovernment launched its consultation on the air pollution targets last week and the consultation will last until 11 May. The problem is the targets they are aiming for will not protect our children’s health but will ensure another generation of kids with stunted lungs; it will not require government to take any short- or even medium-term action on reducing air pollution effectively (especially on woodburning we can expect complete inaction). Or, if you are into the science - they are only proposing a commitment to 10mg/m3 of PM2.5 by 2040! Yes, Government is suggesting to commit to completely outdated limits in 18 years.

So, at Mums for Lungs we think: If you care about clean air, get onto this - getting people, everyone we know, everyone we could reach - to respond to this consultation and demand much lower levels much sooner. This needs to be the absolute priority for the next seven weeks.

We are kickstarting this campaign, that we are asking you all to join, with a webinar on Tuesday, 29 March, 8pm (so ahead of the Easter holidays) and invite you all to join and to share the info about the event. We need all hands on deck, to fight for clean air. We have great speakers: Dr Ian Mudway, the great scientist and researcher on air pollution and kids, and smart and insightful Imogen Martineau who works at the Clean Air Fund and can tell us all in detail, why and how we can really get much cleaner and healthier air by 2030. It is also outlined in this inspiring report!

Please join and share the details of our webinar far and wide.

We will also started a WhatsApp group to coordinate our joint campaigning efforts a bit, to keep momentum going over seven weeks, to share tricks and tips and pre-drafted messages and perhaps do a Twitter Storm? Click on this link to join..

Thank you for this, let’s fight for our children’s health, our neighbours’ and friends’ breath,


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