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Air quality

Air pollution campaigners call on council to do more

11 June 2023

Ahead of this year's Clean Air Day, which falls on Thursday 15th June, local environmental campaigners have sent an open letter to the leadership of Enfield Council calling on them to do more to monitor and improve air quality in the borough.

Getting to school the healthier way

24 August 2022

As Enfield Council puts in place the infrastructure for a new batch of school streets, including schemes in Hazelwood Lane and outside Bowes School, the Clean Cities Campaign asks, 'Could you do an 'active' school run?'

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Your last chance to ask for an all-London clean air zone

21 July 2022

Extending the Ultra Low Emissions Zone to the whole of London will improve the health of half a million people with asthma, it will help prevent up to 4,000 premature deaths each year caused by breathing toxic air, and it will help tackle the looming climate crisis. The deadline for responding to TfL's consultation is 29th July. Using Possible's online form you can respond in three minutes.

New analysis further undermines case for incinerator rebuild

27 April 2022

New analysis by environmental and waste consultant Dr Dominic Hogg further undermines the environmental case that the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) has been setting out in support of this expensive and 'environmentally disastrous' project.

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Clean air coalition calls on would-be councillors to commit to reducing driving in London

05 April 2022

With both diesel and petrol cars responsible for an increasing proportion of harmful air pollution in London, the Clean Cities coalition of campaign groups is calling on all candidates in the council elections to commit to taking steps to reduce driving in the capital.

A crucial moment for clean air

24 March 2022

Campaigners from Mums for Lungs say that the targets the government is setting in its consultation on air quality will not protect our children's health but will ensure another generation of kids with stunted lungs; it will not require government to take any short- or even medium-term action on reducing air pollution effectively. To find out more, join their webinar on Tuesday 29th March.

Incinerator opponents vow to fight on

19 January 2022

It's been a busy week for opponents of north London's planned new mega-incinerator. An estimated 600 protesters marched in Edmonton on Sunday and opposition councillors in some of the seven boroughs represented on the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) have been trying to persuade their colleagues to call for a pause and review of the project, on environmental, health and financial grounds.

Mayor of Enfield under fire as incinerator opponents prepare to march again

14 January 2022

With only four days to go before the contract to build the new Edmonton Incinerator is due to be signed, councillors from the Green Party and Liberal Democrats have criticised the Mayor of Enfield, accusing him of unnecessarily delaying the date of a council meeting to discuss the contract, meaning that it will take place too late to stop contract signature. Meanwhile, the broadbased coalition which unites members of more than 50 campaign groups and opposes the new incinerator is making preparations for what is likely to be the biggest protest yet, a family-friendly march on Sunday afternoon from Edmonton Green to the misleadingly named 'Eco Park' along the North Circular Road.

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Council officers warned of severe financial risks if incinerator contract signing goes ahead

10 January 2022

A Green Party councillor has written to the council's most senior officers warning that proceeding with the planned signature on 18th January of a contract to build the new Edmonton Incinerator would expose the local authority to severe financial risks. He urges them to take steps to withdraw the London Borough of Enfield's support from the scheduled signing of the contract between the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) and the Spanish contractor Acciona.

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Residents asked to urgently back new move to delay incinerator contract signature

05 January 2022

Campaigners concerned about the environmental, health and financial consequences of building a new Edmonton Incinerator are appealing to residents to write urgently to the Mayor of Enfield asking him to convene an extraordinary council meeting in time to block a contract for construction of the new facility.

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Incinerator opponents plead in vain

22 December 2021

To nobody's great surprise, but to many people's great disappointment, at their meeting on 16th December the North London Waste Authority gave the go-ahead for the award of a contract to build a new and larger incinerator at the Edmonton 'Eco-Park'. True to form, the eloquent and well argued calls for a 'pause and review' of the project were brushed aside or simply ignored and north London's very poor recycling figures were blamed on its residents rather than on the failures of the waste authority and the seven borough councils.

Incinerator rebuild: Turning up the heat on north London councils

08 December 2021

Environmental campaigners opposed to the construction of a new waste incinerator in Edmonton have this week been pulling out all stops in the final days before the board members of the North London Waste Authority - all of them councillors from north London boroughs, including Enfield - convene to debate the main agenda item - signature of a contract with the Spanish firm Acciona to build the new facility.

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The next mayor should create a 'more natural capital'

02 April 2021

Ahead of the mayoral election on 6th May, a coalition of leading environmental groups have published a joint manifesto outlining ambitious programmes of action needed to reduce pollution and waste, improve health and wellbeing, secure nature's recovery and increase resilience to climate change. There will be an opportunity to discuss these proposals with the candidates at the Mayoral Environment Debate, which will take place online on 12th April.

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Young climate activists quiz Enfield North MP on Edmonton incinerator

15 December 2020

Enfield North MP Feryal Clark was recently interviewed by three members of Enfield Climate Action Forum's youth section. All questions put by Navaeh West Lawson. Kim Ly and Dhaneesha Cattaree related to the plan to replace the existing incinerator on the North Circular Road in Edmonton with a much larger facility

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Let's transform the 'school run' to protect children's health and their future, say charities

31 August 2020

An alliance of eight sustainable transport charities has issued a press release appealing to families to support their children to walk, cycle or use public transport as much as possible as they return to school in order both to protect their children's health and wellbeing and to support the effort to reduce carbon emissions to net zero in order to avoid climate catastrophe.

Urgent! Help keep the air clean and roads safer in central London

03 June 2020

Two campaigning organisations have issued urgent appeals to respond to the Mayor of London's consultation on temporary changes to the Central London Congestion Charge and support the proposals, in order to help prevent the return of heavy traffic with consequent implications for air quality and increased road danger. The appeal has been made by Mum's For Lungs, a group set up to try to protect schoolchildren from toxic traffic fumes, and London Living Streets, which brings together London members of the charity which campaigns to rebalance the interests of road users.

'A cry from the heart of Bowes'

26 May 2020

Residents of streets to the south of Bowes Road, particularly those living in Brownlow Road, Warwick Road and nearby streets, have come together to launch a campaign to prevent traffic in the area building up to the unacceptably high levels that were normal prior to the Covid-19 lockdown. Their proposal is to create a low-traffic neighbourhood to prevent use of roads in the area as a cut-through. The campaign, under the slogan 'A Bus Gate for Brownlow?', has won the support of Better Streets for Enfield, who promote the idea of creating people-friendly streets across the entire borough.

Council outlines its plans for school streets

07 January 2020

Enfield's first 'school street' schemes - outside St Monica's primary school and Oakthorpe primary school - are likely to go live after the February half term. The council hopes to complete a further three schemes by this spring. The rate of implementation in the next financial year and thereafter will depend on availability of funding and the degree of interest and commitment shown by schools.

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Mums for Lungs: London's toxic air

02 December 2019

The Mums for Lungs campaign has published an updated version of its London's Toxic Air flyer, intended primarily for distribution at school Christmas fairs, but useful for informing everyone about the problem of air pollution in the capital and ways in which individuals can help reduce pollution and their exposure to dirty air.

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Updating road user charging to reflect the true impact of individual journeys

01 May 2019

A new report by Centre for London, Green Light: Next Generation Road User Charging for a Healthier, More Liveable, London, calls for London to move towards an innovative new road user charging scheme which charges drivers on a per-mile basis. Costs would vary by vehicle emissions, local levels of congestion and pollution and availability of public transport alternatives; and prices would be set before the journey begins.

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