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A call to action from the climate charity Possible. It takes three minutes to respond to the consultation. The deadline is Friday 29th July. Fill in the response form and don't forget to tell your friends and relatives!

Alternatively, you can use this form created by Living Streets, the charity that looks after the interests of people walking and wheeling along our pavements

Bring clean air to the whole of London

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Right now, Transport for London is asking for views on its plans to expand the Ultra Low Emission Zone to cover the whole of the capital.

They're also asking some questions about the future of road pricing which we think will have a positive impact on traffic reduction in London. 

We are clear that this is the right move. This will improve the health of half a million people with asthma, it will help prevent up to 4,000 premature deaths each year caused by breathing toxic air, and it will help tackle the looming climate crisis. 

Please take three minutes to call for clean air across all of London.

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