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Environmental Protection

Floating Pennywort Volunteer Days on the Lee Navigation

28 February 2024

Pippa Rowlandson from the River Lee Floating Pennywort Project invites readers to join her clearing a nuisance weed from the Lee.

Two concerned schoolgirls call on supermarkets to reduce plastic packaging

13 February 2024

'Two concerned schoolgirls' with a Palmers Green connection are behind a petition calling on supermarkets to stop packaging fruit and vegetables in single-use plastic.

New report says London and UK 'underprepared' for climate change impacts like flooding and extreme heat

17 January 2024

An interim report published by the London Climate Resilience Review confirms that London and the UK are 'underprepared' for major climate impacts, including severe flooding, extreme heat and wildfires, with a 'lethal risk' to the most vulnerable communities. The review makes urgent and strategic recommendations for UK Government and London.

A flavour of the Palmers Green community hub discussions

17 December 2023

While we await the full report on the discussions that took place at Palmers Green's first community hub, held last month, Francis Sealey from Enfield Climate Action Forum (EnCAF) has released several short YouTube videos that give a flavour of what the afternoon was all about.

Setting people's imaginations alight: Palmers Green's first community hub

29 November 2023

The Palmers Green Community Hub was held on 28th November and attracted around 120 different organisations and individual attendees. Francis Sealey celebrates a successful afternoon.

Environment Agency funding work to improve water quality in Broomfield Park

29 November 2023

The Environment Agency has agreed to commission an ecologist to carry out an environmental audit and recommend an enhancement strategy aimed at increasing biodiversity and water quality in Broomfield Park. Next spring FoBP volunteers will start testing water quality in all the watercourses and carry out new planting to help improve water quality and provide natural food for birds and other wildlife.

Putting our heads together to work towards a better future

22 November 2023

More than 100 people from PG and nearby came together last Saturday to spend the afternoon discussing their common challenges and ways of meeting them at the first Palmers Green Local Community Hub.

What issues concern PG residents most?

09 November 2023

In the run-up to the first Palmers Green local community hub, Enfield Climate Action Forum has published a list of the issues that most concern people. The full timetable for the hub has now been published, along with details of the discussion leaders and the topics.

The PG local community hub: tackling challenges together

01 November 2023

The agenda has been published for the Palmers Green local community hub on 18th November. It will provide an opportunity for local people to discuss a range of topics - a place where those who attend have a voice and feel free to tell us how we can improve our locality and the lives of people there.

Our streets need more trees: let's take a leaf from our southern neighbours

25 October 2023

Just down the line, in Bowes Park, people are clubbing together to line their high street with shade-creating and pollution-absorbing trees. They're taking advantage of a government-sponsored scheme. Could we do the same?

Council-owned energy company to answer criticisms of borough-wide heat network plans

11 October 2023

Enfield Over 50s Forum is inviting both members and non-members to a meeting on 31st October when the head of stakeholder engagement at the council-owned firm Energetik will be defending her employer's project to build a district heating network against criticism from a number of angles.

A new Banbury Reservoir Park? The campaign gathers momentum

08 September 2023

The campaign for a large new park to be created using currently unloved land surrounding the Banbury Reservoir is gathering pace. In addition to an ongoing survey seeking people's ideas, a 'community hub' meeting has been organised for Thursday 28th September.

Hurry to the Hinterlands for a day of fun and learning

24 August 2023

Today, between 10am and 8pm, there will be fun for the whole family in the borough's 'hinterlands' - along the Lea Navigation towpath. Explore an area that was once an important part of London's industry and a transport artery. It's still both of these to an extent, but it's also taken on a vital role in providing a cooling and calming strip bisecting the capital's ever hotter 'heat island'. All free, courtesy of the Canal and Rivers Trust and Enfield Climate Action Forum.

Incinerator campaigners condemn waste authority survey as 'disingenuous box-ticking'

23 August 2023

Environmental campaigners say that a survey of north London residents, designed to find out their views about managing waste in seven boroughs, is a 'box-ticking exercise' that fails to mention and ignores the negative economic and environmental consequences of building a large new incinerator in Edmonton. They accuse the waste authority of using flawed data to justify the project and instead call for advanced pre-sorting of waste to greatly reduce the need for incineration.

Read the full article and forum comments

A new park for Enfield: What would you like to see?

30 July 2023

A large new park surrounding a reservoir in the east of the borough is being suggested. Apart from lots of green space and clean air, what else could there be in the Banbury Reservoir Park? Let the proposers have your ideas by filling in a five-minute survey.

Want to help take local climate action? A chance to improve your climate literacy

04 July 2023

Local environmentalist groups are running two online workshops designed to enable participants to deploy a climate model to be used in support of local climate action.

Air pollution campaigners call on council to do more

11 June 2023

Ahead of this year's Clean Air Day, which falls on Thursday 15th June, local environmental campaigners have sent an open letter to the leadership of Enfield Council calling on them to do more to monitor and improve air quality in the borough.

Whitewebbs campaigners raising funds to mount legal challenge

30 May 2023

The Friends of Whitewebbs Park have launched a crowdfunder asking people to pledge money needed to mount a legal challenge to Enfield Council's apparent determination to lease more than half of the park to Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.

Read the full article and forum comments

The Big One: 100,000 people holding politicians to account over the climate

06 April 2023

Jason Chrysostomou tells Enfield Climate Action Forum about The Big One - a four-day demonstration in central London (21 to 24 April) aimed at Parliament. Organised by Extinction Rebellion, but without emphasizing rebellion and disruption. No need to glue yourself to the road or do anything that might get you arrested.

'Humanity is living on thin ice': The time for action is now!

23 March 2023

I make no excuse for featuring a story which isn't 'local' to Palmers Green, to London or even to the UK. Because it is of course local to every spot on Earth where people live. Short films, one by David Attenborough, stress the urgency of drastic action.