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pgc all green working and signpost with lettering new colour 2
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The final stop on the Southgate Launches itinerary on Saturday 9th March, after admiring Dan Maier's window artwork at the library and the two new parklets on Ashfield Parade, was the Southgate Club on Chase Side, where visitors were able to meet the designers who will be creating the Portrait of Southgate mosaics, as well as finding out about plans for rain gardens along this currently very ungreen street.

alex mchallam and liz taranti at the southgate club during the southgate launches event 1Alex McHallam (left) and Liz Taranti, the two artists who will be creating the Portrait of Southgate mosaics, were on hand to talk to members of the public at the Southgate Club (Photo: Natalie Gee)

Alex McHallam and Liz Tiranti presented their draft designs for the mosaics they're working on for the Curate Enfield project "Portrait of Southgate", an arts trail celebrating local heroes and the art deco architecture of Southgate town centre. The trail will consist of mosaic pieces located at Southgate Library, the green planting area at the junction of Winchmore Hill Road and Chase Road and at various places along Chase Side.

visitors discuss southgate urban realm improvements in the art gallery at the southgate club 1Residents discuss Southgate urban realm improvements in the art gallery at the Southgate Club (Photo: Natalie Gee)

Alex and Liz are keen to hear from local residents about any local personalities that people would like to commemorate. Send your suggestions to .

discussing the portrait of southgate ideas with liz tiranti 1A visitor discusses ideas for A Portrait of Southgate with Liz Taranti (Photo: Natalie Gee)

Greening Chase Side

At the Southgate Club visitors also had a chance to find out the latest news about the Greening Chase Side project. The council's Journeys & Places team presented an update about plans for rain gardens (see the box below) and for a pocket park outside Nando’s - all part of the overarching project designed to make the town centre safer, more welcoming and more equitable.

The rain gardens planned for Chase Side Southgate

southgate rain gardens map 1"Greening" interventions planned for Southgate town centre. The pink circles show the locations of the three rain gardens to be installed along Chase Side

site 01 streetview 1


site 01 streetview 1


site 01 streetview 1

Rain Gardens are a type of SuDS, which stands for Sustainable Drainage Systems, and are designed to manage and mitigate the impact of surface water runoff in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. They have the following benefits:

  • Flood risk reduction: Rain garden's help to control and reduce the risk of flooding by managing surface water runoff, slowing its flow, and allowing it to infiltrate into the ground. This can help protect properties and infrastructure from flooding during heavy rainfall events.
  • Water quality improvements: SuDS systems filter and treat runoff water, removing pollutants and sediments before it enters rivers and other water bodies.
  • Biodiversity enhancement: SuDS often incorporate green spaces and other natural elements that provide habitat for wildlife and promotes biodiversity in urban areas. These features can support local ecosystems and enhance urban green infrastructure

Key design features of Rain Gardens

raingardens explanation

  • Located in areas where surface water can flow into the rain gardens.
  • Sized so that local businesses are not impacted and opportunities remain for outside seating.
  • Robust and attractive planting which keeps sight lines clear and open to ensure safety.
  • Permeable paving can be integrated to increase catchment area for water runoff
  • Enfield Council will regularly maintain these rain gardens but also local businesses and residents are welcome to participate in the upkeep of the planting to help them to flourish.

Graphics and text extracted from a document published by Enfield Council Journeys & Places team.

Southgate Town Centre Engagement Hub on the Let's Talk Enfield website

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