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The agenda has been published for the Palmers Green local community hub on 18th November. It will provide an opportunity for local people to discuss a range of topics.

The hub, at the mosque in Oakthorpe Road, is organised by Enfield Climate Action Forum, the Co-op Membership Engagement Team and the social justice network Enfield LocalMotion. It will run from early afternoon until early evening, and people are welcome to attend individual sessions or stay all afternoon.

To quote Francis Sealey: "We want this Hub to be a place where those who attend have a voice and feel free to tell us how we can improve our locality and the lives of people there. We want to see how we can work together around common goals to achieve a better future for us all. "

Session leaders

The various sessions will be an opportunity for everyone to participate and each will be led by someone with a track record in the subject to be discussed.

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InterFaith communities and climate change

Alessandria Palange from Zero Hour will lead this discussion with those from different faiths on how they can together address the emergency of climate change and protect our planet.

Our communities and wellbeing

Noelle Skivington has been a  senior manager in healthcare working within the acute sector, primary care and education as a senior lecturer at London South Bank University.

Our environment and greenspace

Kim Lumley is a retired doctor who knows the value of greenspace for public health and wellbeing and is active in the Friends of Broomfield Park. Kim will lead this session for us. He is also a member of the Broomfield House Trust.

The future of employment

Wiliiamz Omope is a director of the community interest company WO Consultancy - a platform for change to work with young people around employment in a fast changing world where new skills are needed.

The cost of living

Nnenna Anvanwu is the chief executive of the Enfield Citizens Advice Bureau. She will lead the discussion on how we can tackle the cost of living challenge and where to get advice.

Housing, our streets and development

Yuting Cheng is an architect and certified Passivhaus designer and has worked on sustainable high street development in Edmonton. She will lead the discussion on how we can improve our streets and housing locally.

Young people tackling food poverty

A group of young people have got together to tackle food poverty in our area and here they will tell us about their plans and how we all can help

COP28 and young people

Arianna Abdul-Nour, the Youth UK delegate to COP28 ,will answer questions about what young people want to address climate change and protect their future.

Palmers Green local community hub:

1.15-1.55pm Welcome and visit

Topic 1: Wellbeing
Room 2
Many have expressed concern about social isolation and mental  health. What can we do?

  Topic 2: Interfaith
Room 1
How can all the faiths in our area work together to combat climate change and protect our future health?
2.50-3.30pm Topic 1: The environment
Room 1
Green space, urban trees, litter-free spaces are all about having an environment that creates well-being. What can we do?
  Topic 2: Employment
Room 2
Employment is going to change considerably in the coming years. What will be the job opportunities and how can we prepare for it?
3.40-4.20pm Tea break, networking and partnership introduction
4.20-5.00pm Topic 1: Cost of living
Room 2
Food and fuel price increases have made life difficult and this may get worse in future years. How can we cope?
  Topic 2: Our urban environment
Room 1
Our poorly insulated homes and our declining high streets affect our quality of life. What action can we take?
5.00-6.00pm Food security, food banks and young people
We will be hearing from young people developing a food bank project and young people will also have a chance to question the UK Youth Delegate to COP28.

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