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Firs Farm Community Hub gets off to a busy start

23 February 2024

The long awaited Community Hub at Firs Farm opened its doors to the public for the first time on Friday morning, providing food, drink and a warm welcome for visitors to this attractive and family-friendly area of grassland, trees, hedgerows and by now well established wetlands.

Council looking for help from voluntary groups and outside funding to maintain parks and open spaces

06 February 2024

In the face of budgetary pressures, Enfield Council is seeking to determine how best to work with voluntary groups and attract outside funding in order to maintain parks and open spaces 'as efficiently as possible'. The council is currently running a consultation with users of Tottenhall Recreation Ground as a pilot project.

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Lottery to provide the first of the keys needed to 'unlock' Broomfield House

16 January 2024

Enfield Council has been awarded more than half a million pounds of lottery money to pay for the first phase of its project to 'unlock Broomfield Park for the community', which includes 'memorializing' Broomfield House.

Busy bees in Broomfield Park!

19 December 2023

The Friends of Broomfield Park go from strength to strength with a wide range of projects aimed at both beautifying the park and helping improve local people's lives.

Environment Agency funding work to improve water quality in Broomfield Park

29 November 2023

The Environment Agency has agreed to commission an ecologist to carry out an environmental audit and recommend an enhancement strategy aimed at increasing biodiversity and water quality in Broomfield Park. Next spring FoBP volunteers will start testing water quality in all the watercourses and carry out new planting to help improve water quality and provide natural food for birds and other wildlife.

Broomfield Park skatepark survey extended

31 October 2023

The survey about the proposal to create a skatepark in Broomfield Park has been extended until 15th November.

Spookiness returns to Broomfield Park!

23 October 2023

If you thought that the ceremony of the Palmers Scream in 2015 had finally taken away all the spookiness from Broomfield Park after dark... think again!

The Palmers Greenery Community Café: much more than just coffee and cakes!

27 September 2023

The not-for-profit Palmers Greenery Community Café in Broomfield Park is now in its tenth year and its unique business model not only provides visitors with healthy and ethically produced (but still affordable) food and drinks, but also brings a whole range of other benefits to the park and local community. Just quite how much social impact it has is the subject of a newly published report.

Capturing the essence of Pymmes Park

20 September 2023

Among the range of projects funded through the Untold Edmonton programme is the making of a film about Pymmes Park, the 'lungs of Edmonton'. Film maker João Giacchin describes what he aims to achieve.

What next for Broomfield House and Park?

18 September 2023

Enfield Council has submitted a bid for heritage lottery funding for the development stage of its plans for Broomfield House and Park, which would see the remains of the derelict mansion dismantled and 'memorialised' and landscaping of parts of the park to reflect its history. Community involvement is envisaged throughout the project, which would take until 2028 to complete.

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A new Banbury Reservoir Park? The campaign gathers momentum

08 September 2023

The campaign for a large new park to be created using currently unloved land surrounding the Banbury Reservoir is gathering pace. In addition to an ongoing survey seeking people's ideas, a 'community hub' meeting has been organised for Thursday 28th September.

Skatepark campaigners enjoy a 'fantastic day' at the PG Festival

06 September 2023

Among the many people who had a great time at last Sunday's Palmers Green Festival were members of the Broomfield Park Skatepark Group, whose stall attracted many visitors. As a survey is launched to gauge opinion, campaigners are continuing their efforts to raise money for a feasibility study.

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Could you help Friends of Broomfield Park move up to the next level?

19 August 2023

The already hugely impressive Friends of Broomfield Park have ambitions to 'move up to the next level'. They're looking for new people to help them do so. Might you, or anyone you know, help shape the Friends' future?

A new park for Enfield: What would you like to see?

30 July 2023

A large new park surrounding a reservoir in the east of the borough is being suggested. Apart from lots of green space and clean air, what else could there be in the Banbury Reservoir Park? Let the proposers have your ideas by filling in a five-minute survey.

'Unlocking' and 'reconnecting' Broomfield House and Park

12 July 2023

Enfield Council is inviting local people to help develop ideas for improving Broomfield Park and 'memorialising' Broomfield House ahead of submitting an application for lottery funding in August.

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Why you shouldn't feed bread to ducks

07 July 2023

When in Broomfield Park I often see people feeding bread to the water fowl, ignoring the signs asking them not to. On one occasion I pointed out the signs to someone who was in the process of throwing bread in one of the lakes, only to be told 'No, that's wrong.' But the notice is right - feeding ducks bread is bad for them.

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Council to proceed with plan to lease land at Whitewebbs to Spurs

04 July 2023

A document prepared by council officers for the leader of Enfield Council recommends that she approve proceeding with the controversial plan to lease the former golf course at Whitewebbs to Tottenham Hotspur Ltd for a period of 25 years. The decision comes despite the large number of objections to the plan received from borough residents and the threat of legal action.

You're invited to an Open Day in Broomfield Park

14 June 2023

Curious about what that busy bunch of people, Friends of Broomfield Park, have been up to, and what their future plans are? Then come along to their Open Day on Sunday..

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Whitewebbs campaigners raising funds to mount legal challenge

30 May 2023

The Friends of Whitewebbs Park have launched a crowdfunder asking people to pledge money needed to mount a legal challenge to Enfield Council's apparent determination to lease more than half of the park to Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.

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Outdoor adventures!

18 April 2023

Sally Bailey's upbringing involved playing in the woods for hours, making dens, mud pies and telling stories in fields of barley and making golden memories. And in Broomfield Park every Wednesday morning, in (almost) all weathers, she'll be recreating a little bit of this lost world for today's kids.