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artists impression of proposed rain gardens on green lanes south of the a406

Enfield Council is consulting about proposals for a sustainable urban drainage scheme (SUDS) involving creation of "rain gardens" along both sides of Green Lanes just south of the junction with the North Circular Road.

An outdoor consultation event was held locally last week. The online consultation continues until 6th February.

Why are rain gardens being proposed?

map showing proposed suds scheme in green lanes south of a406Rain gardens are a type of sustainable drainage feature (sometimes known as “SuDS”) which mimic natural drainage. They help to:

  • store water and release it slowly into the drainage system and surrounding soil helping to reduce flood risk and pollution
  • increase biodiversity with planting which helps improve air quality and urban cooling

The project has been designed to minimise any potential negative impacts on businesses, parking, buses and pedestrians

The area is known to have flooded in the past. Computer modelling shows that the risk of flooding is significant but that rain gardens will help to manage this issue and reduce impacts.

Key design features of rain gardens:

  • Located in areas where surface water can flow into the rain gardens.
  • Sized so that local businesses are not impacted and opportunities remain for outside seating.
  • Robust and attractive planting which keeps sight lines clear and open to ensure safety.
  • Enfield Council will regularly maintain these rain gardens but also local businesses and residents are welcome to participate in the upkeep of the planting to help them to flourish.

Source: Consultation document issued by Enfield Council, January 2023


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