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>whitewebbs tottenham hotspur lease proposal pink area would be leased

Map showing the extent of the land that would be leased to Tottenham Hotspur (shading added by Palmers Green Community)

The Friends of Whitewebbs Park are asking residents who are opposed to Enfield Council granting an "agreement for lease" of the former Whitewebbs golf course to Tottenham Hotspur Football Club to submit objections by Sunday 15th January.

As reported in Enfield Dispatch last month, in mid-December notices were posted in the locality of Whitewebbs Park by the council informing the public that it "intends to enter into an agreement to grant a lease of the Property for a term of 25 years to Tottenham Hotspur Limited (or a wholly owned subsidiary of the said company)". In response, the campaign group Friends of Whitewebbs Park accused the council of breaking a promise that no lease would be entered into unless and until planning consent is granted. To date, no planning application has even been submitted by the football club.

After the publication of the Dispatch article, a council spokesman provided the paper with the following response:

“Enfield Council has categorically not entered into a lease with Tottenham Hotspur FC – the council’s position has not changed.

“The council has approved the granting of an ‘agreement for lease’ which makes it absolutely concrete that no lease can be entered into with THFC until defined pre-conditions have been met and fulfilled. The granting of a lease is therefore wholly contingent on THFC securing planning permission for the women’s football academy, as well as carrying out repairs and renovations to paths, bridleways and fences, and to improve the café and toilet facilities. Until then, the council will not enter into any lease with THFC.”

The Whitewebbs campaigners have argued that the lease would not benefit either the council or the public because the proposed rent is "pathetically small". Furthermore, Spurs have to date only published vague ideas about their plans for the land, which the Friends regard as a valuable public asset.

For more information about the campaigners' arguments and suggested grounds for objecting, see the links below.

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Darren Edgar's Avatar
Darren Edgar posted a reply #6728 05 Jan 2023 09:13
Are we really still peddling this utter rubbish?

This is a complete joke and I hope FoWW have deep pockets to refund us tax payers what they are costing us.