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foxlane ltn logoSupporters of the low-traffic neighbourhood (LTN) trial in the Fox Lane area have launched a website to promote their cause.

The new website,, has pages explaining the reasons for setting up the LTN, pointing out how the last decade has seen traffic in London growing and spilling over from main roads onto residential side streets, and quoting evidence about the effects on emergency services and businesses.

Introducing the new website, Jeremy Hay-Campbell, a supporter of the Fox Lane LTN group, says:

"Our new website reminds people of the importance of sharing their views with the council about the scheme as well as highlighting some of the facts about LTNs - and the Fox Lane trial in particular - that can get overlooked. We’re adding to the website such as details of events we are organising over the coming months. Do check back to find out what is new.

"We strongly believe that a trial is the best way of providing on the ground evidence to inform the Council’s consultation process.

"As supporters of the Fox Lane LTN trial, we want people to engage in the consultation – how to improve the scheme, if they support it or if they oppose it to detail why.

"As a reminder, the Council’s consultation hub can be found at:"

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